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chche, the fourth letter of the Spanish alphabet, after c and before d{letter}
Chche, the fourth letter of the Spanish alphabet, after C and before D{letter}
CHChihuahua (Mexican state){abbr}
CHche, the fourth letter of the Spanish alphabet{letter}
chabacanoapricot{m} [Mexico]
chabacanovulgar, coarse{m} [spectacle, and in general]
chabolashanty; an old run-down house or shack{f}
chacal comúnBlack-backed Jackal, Canis mesomelas{m}
chacal doradogolden jackal, Canis aureus{m}
chacal rayadoSide-striped Jackal, Canis adustus{m}
chachamaid; cleaning lady (female servant or cleaner){f} [pejorative]
chachalacachatter{f} [colloquial, Guatemala]
chachalacababbler, yapper{f} [colloquial, Mexico, Central America]
chacharearto babble (talk much){vi} [colloquial]
chacharearto piffle (speak in a futile, ineffective, or nonsensical manner){vi} [colloquial]
chacharearto buy trinket{vt} [colloquial]
chachifab, awesome{adj} [colloquial]
chacmolA stylized, pre-Columbian Mesoamerican stone sculpture depicting a reclining male figure with the head raised and turned to one side, holding a small tray over the stomach{m} [archaeology]
chacofarm{m} [Paraguay]
chacrafield to be used for cultivation{f} [Latin America]
chacrasmall farm{f} [Latin America]
chafacheap, low quality; lame{adj} [Mexico]
chafarto crush, squash{vt}
chafarto ruin{vt}
chajáA crested screamer{m}
chalécottage, chalet{m}
chalasandal{f} [Chile]
chaladonut (insane person){m}
chalarto go crazy{vr}
chalarto drive crazy{vt}
chalazachalaza{f} [zoology, botany]
chale"No" intensified. Similar to "hell no" or "yeah right"{interj} [US, slang]
chalecosweater, jumper{m}
chalecovest, waistcoat{m}
chaleco antibalasbulletproof vest{m}
chaletcottage, chalet{m}
chalinaa scarf (clothing){f}
chalupaa bowl-shaped fried tortilla stuffed with chopped meat, lettuce, cheese, etc{f} [Mexico]
chalupafat girl{f} [Mexico, slang]
chalupatwo-man canoe{f} [Mexico]
chalupashallop, sloop, launch (a kind of longboat){f} [nautical]
chamacafeminine form of chamaco{f}
chamacoA boy or teenager; a male youth{m} [informal, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico]
chambawork{f} [familiar, Mexico, Peru]
chambao(Andalusian) An improvised beach tent{m}
chambearto work{v}
chamokid, child{m} [Venezuela, colloquial]
champiñón(Agaricus bisporus) button mushroom{m}
ChampionsUEFA Champions League (football competition){prop}
champurradoA water-based drink, containing several spices, mixed with rum or brandy{m} [Cuba]
champurradoA traditional chocolate-based atole, containing panela, vanilla, anise and cinnamon{m} [Mexico]
chamullarto lie, to seduce or convince someone making use of lies{v} [Chile, Argentina, Peru, colloquial]
chamullarto talk, chat{v} [Spain, colloquial]
chamuscarto scorch, to singe{v}
chanSome plant of the sage family whose seed is eaten{m}
chanaTerm applied to a lower‐class woman not desired for a longer relationship{f} [Chile, slang]
chanchifab, awesome{adj} [colloquial]
chanchodirty{adj} [Latin America, figuratively]
chanchopig{m} [Latin America]
chanchullosleaze, scum{m} [colloquial]
chancillerVariant form of canciller{m}
chanclaold shoe{f}
chancletaaccelerator (accelerator pedal){f} [Colombia]
chancletagirl{f} [Latin America, colloquial]
chancletaslipper (house shoe){f}
chancletainept person{mf} [colloquial]
chanclogalosh{m} [Mexico]
changarroshop{m} [colloquial, Mexico]
changomonkey{m} [Mexico]
chantaliar{m} [colloquial, Argentina, Chile]
chantajeextortion, blackmailing{m}
chantajearto blackmail{v}
chantarto stop{v} [Chile, slang]
chanteHouse{m} [San Antonio]
chaobye, goodbye{interj} [Latin America]
chapanickname{f} [Bolivia, Peru]
chapalicense plate{f}
chapaearring{f} [Nicaragua]
chapalearto clatter{v}
chapalearto splash{v}
chapalearto wade (in shallow water){v}
chaparto plate (as with metal){vt}
chaparto veneer{vt}
chaparrachaparral (scrubland){f}
chaparrakermes oak (Quercus coccifera){f}
chaparraa female of short stature{f} [Latin America]
chaparroperson of short stature{m} [Mexico]
chapetress, braid{m}
chapeauUsed to express appreciation{interj}
chaperohustler, rent boy (male prostitute){m}
chapopoteasphalt{m} [Mexico]
chapopotetar{m} [Mexico]
chapoteTexas persimmon; Mexican persimmon (Diospyros texana){m} [Mexico]
chapucerodishonest{adj} [Mexico, familiar]
chapuceroswindler{m} [Mexico, familiar]
chapucerosloppy worker{m}
chapulíngrasshopper, locust{m} [Central America, Colombia, Mexico]
chapulínsmall child, tot{m} [Central America]
chapuzaodd job{f} [colloquial]
chapuzóndip; brief swim{m}
chaquetajacket, piece of clothing worn on the upper body outside a shirt or blouse, often waist length to thigh length{f}
chaquetearto be afraid, to draw back{vi}
chaquetearto change one’s opinion{v}
chaquetearto change sides, to become a turncoat{v}
chaquetearto renege{v}
chaquetearto run away, to flee{v}
charca(big) puddle{f}
charchatrashy (of very poor quality, worthless){adj} [Chile, slang]
charchafat{f} [Chile, colloquial]
charlatalk, chat{f}
charlarto chat{v}
charlatanearto chatter{v}
charlatánsaid of someone who talks frivolously{adj}
charlatáncharlatan, quack{m}
charlotearto chatter{v} [colloquial]
charlotearto chat, talk{v}
charlotearto blabber, tattle (reveal something one should not say){vt}
charolpatent leather{m}
charquijerky (air-dried meat){m}
charrocoarse, vulgar{adj}
charrofrom Salamanca{adj}
charroA short form of frijoles a la charra, that is, pinto or pink beans boiled with condiments but otherwise plain and simple{adj} [slang, US, Texas]
charroone who is rustic or coarse{m}
charrosomeone from Salamanca{m}
chascarto click, snap{v}
chasquearto crack a whip{v}
chasquiOne of the Inca's personal running messengers{m}
chasquidoA whiping, crackling, clicking or similar sound{m}
chasquidoThe sound a dolphin makes{m}
chatarrascrap (metal){f}
chatarrasmall change{f} [Spain]
chatearto chat{v} [Honduras]
chatearto chat on the Internet{v}
chaubye, goodbye{interj} [Latin America]
Chavacano de ZamboangaZamboanga Chavacano{prop}
chavalyoung man{m}
chayotaalternative form of chayote{f} [Venezuela]
chayoterachayote (plant){f}
chácharachatter; blabber{f}
chícharopea{m} [Mexico]
cheName of the letter ch{f}
chehey{interj} [Argentine, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay]
cheArgentinian person{mf} [colloquial, Chile]
CheA Spanish male surname{prop}
CHEColegio Hondureño de Economistas{initialism}
checafeminine form of checo{f}
checaThe former Russian secret police (1917–1922){prop}
checoCzech (from, native to, or pertaining to, the Czech Republic){adj}
checoCzechoslovakian{adj} [dated]
checoa Czech{m}
checothe Czech language{prop}
chefA chef, head cook{mf}
chelafeminine form of chelo; blonde, fair-skinned, blue-eyed{f} [Central America, slang]
chelabeer{f} [Mexico, slang]
chelecent (currency){m} [Dominican Republic]
chelesleep (in the corner of the eye){m} [El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras]
chelewhitey (racial slur){m} [El Salvador, Nicaragua]
cheloblonde, fair-skinned, blue-eyed{adj} [Central America, slang]
cheloA blonde, fair-skinned, blue-eyed man{m} [Central America, slang]
chequearto check{v}
chequearto examine{v}
ChequiaCzech Republic, Czechia (country in Europe){prop}
chescosoda beverage{m} [slang, Mexico]
chiapanecoFrom or related to the Mexican state of Chiapas{adj}
ChiapasA state of Mexico{prop}
chicafeminine form of chico, girl{f}
chicanaChicano, Chicana{f}
chicanohaving Mexican descent and living in the United States{adj} [of a person]
chichajuice, soft drink{f} [Peru]
chichapussy (female genitalia){f} [vulgar]
chicharto have sex with{v} [vulgar, Latin America]
chicharrónfried pork rind{m}
chichetaA thumbtack (US), or drawing pin (UK){f}
chichicuiloteplover{m} [Mexico]
chichicuiloteWilson's plover (Charadrius wilsonia){m} [Mexico]
chichiguakite{f} [Dominican Republic]
chichónhaving large breasts{adj} [Latin America]
chichónbump on the head{m}
chiclechewing gum{m}
chiclososticky, chewy{adj}
chiclosotaffy{m} [Costa Rica, Mexico]
chicoboy; kid{m}
CHICOCámara Hondureña de la Industria de la Construcción{acronym}
chicoriaalternative form of achicoria{f}
chidocool, acceptable, easy{adj} [Mexico, slang]
chiflarTo whistle{vi}
chiflarTo whistle at{vt}
chiflidowhistle (sound made by whistling){m}
ChihuahuaChihuahua (state and city){prop}
chihuahuenseOf or related the the Mexican state of Chihuahua{adj}
chilacayoteA species of squash, Cucurbita ficifolia{m}
chilacayoteOne of several other species of wild gourd-like plants, such as Marah macrocarpus or Cucurbita foetidissima{m}
chilangofrom Mexico City. Often used derogatorily by those living outside the capital{adj} [Mexico, slang]
chilangoperson from Mexico City. Often used derogatorily by those living outside the capital{m} [Mexico, slang]
chilaquileschilaquiles{mp} [Mexico]
chilateA traditional Central American beverage consisting of chili, ground toasted corn and cacao{m}
chilechili, chilli, chile{m}
chili con carnechili con carne{m}
chillarto creak{v}
chillarto shriek, to screech{v}
chillarto sizzle, to hiss{v}
chillidoshriek, screech, squawk, hoot{m}
chillocry, troat, squeal, hoot{m}
chilocuilalternative form of chinicuil{m}
chilotenative to Chiloé island, in Southern Chile{adj}
chilpancingueñoOf or pertaining to the Mexican city of Chilpancingo{adj}
chiltomasweet pepper{f} [Nicaragua]
ChimaltenangoA department of Guatemala{prop}
chimbolomolly{m} [El Salvador]
chimeneachimney, smokestack, fireplace{f}
chinsmall amount{m} [Dominican Republic, slang]
chinaA Chinese woman{f}
chinaA female servant in a hacienda{f}
chinaPebble, small stone usually rounded (etymology not related with "china" demonym){f}
ChinaChina (country){prop}
chinampaEach of the artificial islands employed in the chinampa method of agriculture. Such islands were often built on wooden rafts during the pre-Columbian era{f} [Mexico]
chinamperoCultivated in a chinampa{adj} [of a crop or plant, Mexico]
chinamperoA person who cultivates using chinampas{m} [Mexico]
chincharto pester, to bother{v} [colloquial]
chincharto kill{v} [obsolete]
ChinchillaA surname{prop}
chinchosoannoying, bothersome{adj}
chinchosogrouchy, irritable, picky{adj} [Latin America]
chingaderanonsense, stupidity, false statements{f} [Mexico, vulgar]
chingaderamissing translation (an immoral or illegal act, often with the idea of treason or deceit){f} [Mexico, vulgar]
chingaderacrap (a thing of little value or quality, or an unspecified object){f} [Mexico, vulgar]
chingarto be wrong; to screw up,{v} [Mexico, vulgar]
chingarto bother{v} [Mexico, vulgar]
chingarto break{v} [Mexico, vulgar]
chingarto steal, to swipe{v} [Mexico, vulgar]
chingarto work hard{v} [Mexico, vulgar]
chingarto engage in sexual intercourse{v}
chingónSomeone or something that is cool, awesome and very good{m} [Mexico, colloquial]
chingónSomeone who is very smart, intelligent and can do things quickly{m} [Mexico, colloquial]
chingónSomeone who likes to mess with people{m} [Mexico, colloquial, vulgar]
chingoa large amount of something; a whopper{m} [Mexico, vulgar]
chingueskunk{m} [Chile]
chinicuilThe edible larva of the moth Hypopta agavis, used in traditional Mexican cuisine{m} [Mexico]
chinoAny Oriental person in general: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Mongolian, etc{adj} [Nicaragua]
chinoA curly haired man{m}
chinoChinese person{m}
chinoAn incomprehensible language{m} [colloquial]
chinochickenpox{m} [colloquial, Cuba, uncountable]
chinoa market owned by a Chinese immigrant{m} [colloquial, Spain]
chinoChinese (language){prop}
chinocuilalternative form of chinicuil{m}
chipchip (circuit){m}
chipilínA perennial legume whose greens are eaten in Mexico and Central America, but which is restricted as an invasive weed by many countries, Crotalaria longirostrata{m}
chipotebulge, lump{m} [by extension, informal, Mexico]
chipoteslap (blow with the hand){m} [Central America]
chipotebump on the head{m} [Mexico]
chiqueropigsty (very untidy place){m} [figuratively]
chiqueropigsty (shelter for pigs){m}
chiquigüitealternative form of chiquihuite{m}
chiquihuiteA small, handleless woven wicker or reed basket{m} [Guatemala, Mexico]
chiquillafeminine form of chiquillo{f}
chiquillokid (child){m} [colloquial]
chiquillokid (young person){m} [colloquial]
ChiquimulaA department of Guatemala{prop}
chiquitaA girl, young woman{f} [colloquial]
chiquitafeminine form of chiquito{f}
chiquitinafeminine form of chiquitín{f}
chiquititovery tiny{adj}
chiquitínvery small, very young{adj}
chiquitínvery young boy or girl{m}
chiquitosmall, tiny{adj}
chiquitolittle boy{m}
chiquitolittle child (when the child's gender is not known){m}
chirimoyaThe fruit of the chirimoyo, the cherimoya{m}
chirimoyoA South American fruit tree, Annona chermola, whose fruit is the chirimoya{m}
chiringuitoTemporary open air bar, and snack bar, commonly on the beach in summer{m}
chiripafluke (lucky or improbable occurrence){f}
chirriadochirp, squeak, wheek, creak, chirrup, screak{m}
chirriarto chirp{v}
chirriarto hiss{v}
chirriarto shriek{v}
chirriarto sizzle{v}
chirridochirp, squeak, wheek, creak, chirrup, screak, eek, chirr{m}
chismearto chat or gossip{v}
chismorrearto gossip{v}
chismosoinformer, tattler{m}
chisparseto escape{vr} [Mexico]
chispearto spark{v}
chisporrotearto sizzle{v}
chistarto call attention{v}
chistarto speak, normally in negation{v}
chisteessence, importance, matter or purpose of something:{m}
chistejoke (told joke){m}
chistosojocular, funny{adj}
chitoshh, hush, silence{interj}
chitosanchitosan{m} [organic compound]
chivablanket, coverlet{f}
chiva(false) pretence, lame excuse{f} [Chile, colloquial]
chivafeminine form of chivo{f}
chivagoatee, beard{f}
chivashutout in a game of dominoes{f}
chivayoung female goat, kid{f}
chivatotelltale, informer{m}
chiverrechilacayote{m} [Costa Rica]
chiviadoCounterfeit, rip-off{adj} [Colombia, Bogota]
chivocool, awesome{adj} [El Salvador, slang]
chivoinformer, traitor{m} [Cuba]
chivogoat (animal){m}
chivoA male who lives with a prostitute and benefits from her earnings, a pimp{m} [Nicaragua]
chivo expiatorioscapegoat{m}
ChâmHam (son of Noah){prop}
chándalAthletic apparel consisting of a loose shirt and pants; a sweatsuit or warm-up suit{m} [Spain]
choca esos cincogive me five{phrase} [colloquial, Spain]
chocarto collide (with){vi}
chocarto shock or scandalize{vi}
chocarto crash{vt} [ambitransitive]
chocar los cincoto high five{v}
chochawoodcock{f} [ornithology]
chochearto be senile{v}
chochitasweetie pie; cutie; honey bunny{f}
chochoNicaraguan{adj} [Central America, colloquial]
chochosenile, doddery{adj}
chochosentimental, soft{adj}
chochoNicaraguan{m} [Central America, colloquial]
chochocinnamon sweet{m}
chochodrug addict{m} [colloquial]
chocholupin beans, lupin fruit{m}
chochocunt{m} [vulgar, slang]
choclocorn (cereal plant){m} [Latin America]
choclocorncob{m} [Latin America]
chocowith unclothed arms{adj} [Chile]
chocolatechocolate (food made from cocoa beans; confectionery){m}
chocolatehash{m} [slang]
chocolaterochocolatier (producer of chocolate){m}
chocolatillodiminutive form of chocolate{m}
chocolatíndiminutive form of chocolate{m}
choferchauffeur, driver{m}
cholafeminine form of cholo{f}
chollacholla (cactus){f}
chollahead{f} [colloquial]
chollareason, understanding{f}
chollobargain{m} [colloquial]
cholomestizo; person of mixed caucasoid and various degrees of Amerindian descent{m}
choloInformally used to describe a person belonging to a street gang{m} [Mexico]
choloPoor mexican, often living in California during 19th century{m} [Mexico]
choloA person born in Peru of peruvian parents whose physiognomy is not identifiable as caucasoid, negroid, or asian but more toward the amerindian side{m} [South America]
choloNative Amerindian with with very little caucasoid racial admixture{m} [South America]
chombasweater, pullover{f}
chompipeturkey (bird){m} [El Salvador, southern Guatemala, Nicaragua]
chongobun (hairstyle){m}
chongosA Mexican dessert made with milk, sugar and cinnamon. The milk is scalded and rennet is added to start the formation of curds, like when making cheese{mp}
chonpipealternative spelling of chompipe{m}
chopitoA portion of small fried squid{m}
chopoblack poplar (Populus nigra){m}
choquecollision, accident{m}
chorarude person{adj} [Chile, colloquial]
choricitodiminutive form of chorizo{m}
choripána sausage baked inside a, pan, pastry roll{m} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay]
chorizothefty, stuck-up, haughty{adj} [vulgar, Chile]
chorizoa type of sausage{m}
chorizoa thief{m} [Spain, Mexico, Chile, colloquial]
chorizoa foolish person{m} [Uruguay]
chorizoa crook{m} [vulgar, Spain]
chorobrave and/or aggressive person{adj} [Chile, colloquial]
chorocool{adj} [Chile, colloquial]
chorolip service, empty talk{m} [Mexico, colloquial]
choromussel{m} [South-America]
chorothief{m} [South-America, Spain, vulgar]
chorreadoangry, sick and tired{adj} [Chile, colloquial]
chorreantesopping, dripping{adj}
chorrearto tire, to get sick and tired{vp} [Chile, colloquial]
chorrearto drip{v}
chorrearto spout, to gush{v}
chorrearto trickle{v}
chorrillanaA popular Chilean dish consisting of a bed of french fries topped with sauteed beef strips and onions with two fried eggs{f} [Chile]
chorrillanaA popular Mexican seafood dish with tomatoes, fish, vegetables{f} [Mexico]
chorrocoin purse{m} [Chile, colloquial]
chorroa poor person, ghetto, a criminal{m} [Chile, slang]
chorroflow; jet{m}
chorroton, tons; bunch; pile{m} [Mexico, colloquial]
chotearto mock{v}
chova piquigualdaalpine chough{f}
chovinismochauvinism (excessive patriotism){m}
chéroquiCherokee (member of the Cherokee people){mf}
chéroquiCherokee (language and syllabary){prop}
chésterCheshire cheese{m}
chubascoshower, squall{m}
chuchabody odor{f} [vulgar slang, Colombia]
chuchafemale dog{f} [vulgar slang, Guatemala, El Salvador]
chuchadaabsurdities, nonsense{f} [vulgar slang, Chile]
chuchesweet (sugary confection){m}
chucheríasweets, candy{f}
chucheríatrifle (something of little importance){f}
chuchomutt, mongrel{m}
ChuchoA nickname for the given name Jesús{prop}
chuecocrooked{adj} [Latin America]
chufaEdible tuber of that plant{f}
chufarto make fun of{v}
chufarto scoff{v}
chulearto compliment, to show off{v}
chuletadivot{f} [golf]
chuletachop{f} [of meat]
chuletónlarge steak{m}
chuloordinary, common, vulgar, rascal{adj} [Chile, colloquial]
chulocute, pretty, lovely{adj}
chumboThe prickly pear{m}
chunchullothe grilled or fried small intestine of a pig, cow or lamb, consumed in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile{m} [Colombia]
chunchurriathe grilled or fried small intestine of a pig, cow or lamb{f} [Colombia, especially in Medellín and Manizales]
chungoComplicated, or difficult{adj}
chungoIn bad condition{adj}
chungoOf bad quality{adj}
chuño(South America) freeze-dried potato; potato starch{m}
chupacabraschupacabras{m} [cryptozoology]
chupaciriosBible basher{m} [colloquial, pejorative]
chupadovery easy{adj} [colloquial]
chupadovery skinny{adj} [colloquial]
chupamangasbrown-noser, creep, toady{m} [vulgar, slang]
chupamediastoady, sycophant, brown noser{mf} [colloquial, Argentina, Chile]
chuparto drink an alcoholic beverage{v} [Mexico, Chile, slang]
chuparto consume too fast or waste money, budget or gasoline{v} [Mexico, slang]
chuparto lose muscular mass or strength{v} [Mexico, slang]
chuparto lose somebody the youthful or not-too-mature appearance{v} [Mexico, slang]
chuparto absorb{v}
chuparto suck{v}
chuparrosaHummingbird{f} [Mexico]
chupasangresbloodsucker{m} [figuratively]
chupatintasOne who does routine office work; a pencil pusher{m}
chupesoup, made generally of potatoes, meat or fish and different vegetables{m} [Chile, Peru, Panama]
chupetearto suck at{v}
chupetónhickey (bruise-like mark){m} [Spain]
chupifab, awesome{adj} [colloquial]
chupitoshot (small serving of drink){m}
chupónhoarding, profiteering, sponging (said of a person who abuses a situation to get the best of it; in broad sense, not only refered to money or goods; it can be used as a noun){adj} [Spain]
chupónsucker (branch or trunk that devoids of nutrients the main part of the tree){m} [botany]
chupónbaby bottle{m} [Latin America]
chupónhickey (bruise-like mark){m} [Latin America]
chupónpacifier, dummy{m} [Peru, Venezuela]
churreríachurro shop, a place that sells churros{f}
churridarling, dear, lover{mf} [colloquial]
churritodiminutive form of churro; small churro{m}
churroattractive{adj} [colloquial, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, of a, person]
churrochurro (dessert){m}
churrobeefcake (physically desirable man){m} [colloquial, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia]
churrojoint (weed cigarette){m} [colloquial]
churumbelchild, boy{m} [Gypsy dialect]
ChusPet form of the female given name María Jesús ( Jesusa){prop}
ChusPet form of the male given name Jesús{prop}
chuscofunny, amusing, charming{adj}
chuscomalicious, cunning{adj}
chuscomongrel{m} [Peru]
chuscoPiece of bread roll{m}
chusmamob (unruly group of people){f}
chutarto shoot a goal{v}
ChuyNickname for the given name Jesús{prop}
chéverecool, awesome{adj} [slang, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador]
chéverehot dog{m} [Guatemala]
ChávezSpanish surname{prop}