All things you can say with ‘vez’

The word “vez” in Spanish means “time”, “turn” or “occasion.”

Vez is a common word in Spanish. It can be used as an adverb, adjective, or noun. It is used in phrases and expressions such as:

-¿Cuántas veces has estado en México? (How many times have you been to Mexico?)

-¿Por primera vez? (For the first time?)

20 ways to use the spanish word ‘Vez’

Get creative with the word Vez and learn what else you can say with this Spanish word:

Tal vezMaybe
Otra vezAgain
En vez deInstead of
Cada vezEvery time
Rara vezRarely, seldom
A la vezAt the same time
A su vezIn turn
Primera vezFirst time
Por primera vezFor the first time
Alguna vezSomeday
Esta vezThis time
Una vez queOnce
De vez en cuandoOnce in a while
Una vezOnce
Había una vezOnce upon a tim
Una vez alliOnce there was
Una vez a la semanaOnce a week / weekly
Erase una vezOnce upon a time
Vez y vezOnce and again
Vez y mediaOnce and a half