Spanish vocabulary: insects

This full Spanish insect guide will learn you all how insects are called in Spanish and all words related to the subject like places they live, bodyparts and behaviour. Let’s take it subject by subject and don’t forget to the quiz at the end!

Spanish words and synonyms for insect:

Insect – Insecto

Bug – bicho

Parasites – parásitos

List of insects in Spanish and English:

Find a list of the most common insects and bugs in the rows below. Are we leaving one out? Leave a comment below.

InsectSpanish nameEnglish name
spanish vocabulary dragonfly libelulaLibélula, Caballito del diabloDragonfly
spanish vocabulary insects coackroachHormigaAnt
spanish vocabulary ladybugMariquitaLady bug
spanish vocabulary butterfly mariposaMariposaButterfly
spanish vocabulary insects bee abejaAbejaBee
spanish vocabulary insects wasp avispaAvispaWasp
spanish vocabulary grasshopper saltamontesSaltamontesGrasshopper
spanish vocabulary insects gusanoGusanoWorm
spanish vocabulary mosquitoMosquitoMosquito
spanish vocabulary insects coackroachCucarachaCockroach
spanish vocabulary insects fly moscaMoscaFly
spanish vocabulary insects coackroachMosca de la frutaFruit fly
spanish vocabulary insects coackroachChincheBedbug
spanish vocabulary insects beetje escarabajoEscarabajoBeetle
spanish vocabulary cricket grilloGrilloCricket
spanish vocabulary piojos licePiojosLice
spanish vocabulary scorption-escorpionEscorpión / alacránScorpion
spanish vocabulary insects spider aranaArañaSpider
spanish vocabulary insects tickGarrapataTick

Spanish vocabulary: places where the insects live:

Here is the Spanish vocabulary of where we typically can find bugs and insects:

Llanura – Plain fields

EL tronco podrido – the rotten log

Lago – Lake

En la tierra – in the dirt / earth

Other useful Spanish words related to insects:

Lets take a look a at the vocabulary generally related to insects and the words most often used in sentences when talking about bugs:

Patas – Legs

Alas – Wings

Antenas – Antennas

Capullo – Cocoon

Picadura – a sting

Una picadura de mosquito – a mosquito bite

Gatear – to crawl

Nido – nest

Huevo – egg

Larvas – Larvea

Volar – to fly

Asustado – Afraid

Sonido – sound

Hoja – leaf

Manchas – spots

Telaraña – spiderweb

Venenoso – Poisonous

Hope these words will help you grow your Spanish vocabulary. Did we miss out on a word? Let us know. And we wish you a good time practising!