Spanish verbs that start with EX-

Here is a list of the 10 Spanish verbs that start with EX-.

Spanish verb that starts with EXEnglish translation
exhibirto exhibit, to show, to display
exigirto demand, to require
explicarto explain
explorarto explore, to pioneer
explotarto exploit, to explode
exponerto expose, to exhibit
exportarto export
expresarto express, to state
extenderto extend, to spread
extinguirto extinguish, to put out
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Spanish Verbs that Start with EX-

Learning a new language can be a fascinating journey, especially when you discover intriguing similarities between languages. If you’re delving into Spanish, you may have noticed that some Spanish verbs start with “ex-.” But have you ever wondered why? In this article, we’ll unravel the mystery of Spanish verbs that start with “ex-” and their intriguing connections to English.

The Common Language Root: Latin

Before we dive into the fascinating world of “ex-” verbs in Spanish, it’s essential to understand their origins. Both Spanish and English share deep roots in Latin. Latin is the precursor to many modern languages, including Spanish and English. As languages evolved over time, they retained certain similarities due to their Latin heritage.

Exploring the “Ex” Prefix

In Latin, the prefix “ex” carried the meaning of “out of” or “from.” When used as a prefix in verbs, it indicated the action of taking something out of a place or a state. This ancient linguistic connection is the key to understanding why some Spanish verbs start with “ex-.”

Drawing Parallels with English

English, too, has inherited words with the “ex” prefix, often with related meanings. Consider words like “exit” (meaning “way out”), “extract” (meaning “to take out”), and “explain” (meaning “to make clear”). These English words, starting with “ex-,” share a common theme of either taking something out or making something clear, mirroring their Spanish counterparts.

Examples of “Ex-” Verbs in Spanish

Let’s delve into some examples of Spanish verbs that start with “ex-” and uncover their meanings:

  1. Exponer: Derived from the Latin “exponere,” this verb means “to put outside.” In Spanish, “exponer” refers to showing or presenting something to the public.
  2. Extraer: Rooted in the Latin “extrahere,” “extraer” means “to take out from.” In Spanish, it signifies the act of extracting something from a place or container.
  3. Explicar: With origins in the Latin “explicare,” this verb means “to unfold” or “to clarify.” In Spanish, “explicar” is used to make something understandable or clear to someone.


In the enchanting world of language, understanding the connections between words in different tongues can be truly enlightening. The presence of Spanish verbs that start with “ex-” is a testament to the shared Latin ancestry of both Spanish and English. So, the next time you encounter one of these verbs, you’ll know that it’s related to the idea of taking something out, presenting, or making something clearer—a linguistic bridge between two beautiful languages.

Learning Spanish verbs that start with “ex-” not only enriches your vocabulary but also deepens your appreciation for the intricate tapestry of language. Dive into this linguistic adventure, and you’ll discover even more connections that make the world of languages a captivating place to explore.