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101 verbs in Spanish end in IR. Find a full list of all the -IR verbs underneath.

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The list contains all the regular and irregular verbs ending in -IR. It also tells you the English translation behind it.

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Spanish verbs ending in ir

VerbTranslation in EnglishRegular/irregular
abrirto openirregular
aburrirto bore; to tire, wearyregular
admitirto admit, to acceptregular
advertirto notice, to observeirregular
afligirto afflict, to grieve, to pain, to distressirregular
añadirto add, to appendregular
aplaudirto applaud, to cheer, to clapregular
asistirto assist, to attendregular
batirto shake, to beat up, to hammer, to whip upregular
bendecirto blessirregular
combatirto combat, to fightregular
compartirto shareregular
competirto competeirregular
conducirto drive, to lead, to conductirregular
conseguirto get, to obtainirregular
consentirto consent to, to allowirregular
consistirto consist, to be composedregular
constituirto constituteregular
construirto build, to constructregular
consumirto consume, to eatregular
contribuirto contributeregular
convenirto agree, to suitirregular
convertirto convertirregular
corregirto correctirregular
cubrirto coverregular
cumplirto fulfil, carry out, to reachregular
decidirto decide, settle, resolveregular
decirto say, to tellirregular
deprimirto depress, to get downregular
derretirto melt, to thawirregular
describirto describeregular
descubrirto discover, to find outregular
despedirto dismiss, to sack, to dischargeirregular
destruirto destroyregular
dirigirto directirregular
disminuirto diminishregular
distinguirto distinguish, to make outregular
distribuirto distribute, to hand out, to send out, to give outregular
divertirto amuse, to entertainirregular
dormirto sleepirregular
elegirto elect, to choseirregular
escribirto write, to spellregular
exhibirto exhibit, to show, to displayregular
exigirto demand, to requireirregular
extinguirto extinguish, to put outregular
fingirto fake, to feign, to pretendirregular
freírto fryirregular
gruñirto snarl, to grunt, to growlregular
herirto injure, to hurt, to woundirregular
hervirto boilirregular
huirto flee, to escape, to run awayregular
imprimirto printregular
incluirto includeregular
inducirto induceirregular
influirto influenceregular
insistirto insistregular
introducirto introduceirregular
invadirto invade, to encroachregular
invertirto investirregular
irto go, to be (permanent)irregular
medirto measure, to gaugeirregular
mentirto lie, to tell a lieirregular
morirto die, to killirregular
ocurrirto occur, to happen, to take placeirregular
oírto hear, to listen, to overhearirregular
pedirto request, to ask forirregular
permanecerto stay, to remainirregular
permitirto permit, to allowregular
perseguirto pursue, to chase, to go afterirregular
predecirto predict, foretell, forecastirregular
preferirto preferirregular
presentirto presage, to forebodeirregular
producirto produceirregular
prohibirto prohibit, to ban, to forbidregular
proseguirto pursue, to carry onirregular
recibirto receiveregular
reducirto reduce, to lower, to decreaseirregular
regirto govern, to ruleirregular
reírto laughirregular
reñirto quarrel, to fight, to argue, to fall outirregular
repetirto repeat, to echo, to replayirregular
requerirto require, to call for.irregular
sacudirto shake, beat, flapregular
salirto leave, go outirregular
seguirto follow, continueirregular
sentirto feel, regretirregular
servirto serveirregular
sobrevivirto survive, outlive, outlastregular
sonreírto smileirregular
subirto go up, rise, move up, climbregular
sufrirto sufferregular
sugerirto suggestirregular
surgirto arise, to emergeirregular
sustituirto substitute, to replaceregular
teñirto dye or colorirregular
traducirto translateirregular
unirto unite, to join, to tie together, to linkregular
venirto comeirregular
vestirto dress, to wearirregular
visitarto visit, to pay a visit, to come byregular
vivirto live, to resideregular
All Spanish verbs ending in ir

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