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All Spanish verbs ending in -ER

Spanish -ER verbEnglish translation
acontecerto happen, to occur
agradecerto be thankful for
amanecerto dawn
aparecerto appear
aprenderto learn
atenderto attend to, to pay attention to
atraerto attract, to lure, to appeal
barrerto sweep, to sweep away, to sweep out
beberto drink
caberto fit
caerto fall out, to drop
cogerto take, to catch, to get
comerto eat
componerto compose, to make up, to put together
comprenderto understand
conocerto know, to meet
contenerto contain, to hold
convencerto convince
correrto run
coserto sew, to sew up, to stitch, to stitch up
crecerto grow
creerto believe
deberto owe, must, should
defenderto defend
dependerto depend
desagradecerto be unthankful for, to be ingrate
desaparecerto disappear
descenderto descend, to lower
deshacerto undo, to break, to ruin
detenerto stop, to halt, to arrest
devolverto return, to restore, to give back
dolerto hurt, to ache
ejercerto exercise, to exert, to practice
encenderto turn on, to ignite
enflaquecerto thin
enriquecerto enrich, to make rich
entenderto understand, to realize
entretenerto entertain, to amuse
envejecerto age, to get old
escogerto pick, to chose
esconderto hide, to conceal, to stash
establecerto establish, to set up, to form
exponerto expose, to exhibit
extenderto extend, to spread
florecerto flourish, to bloom
fortalecerto fortify, to strengthen
hacerto do, make
leerto read
lloverto rain
mantenerto maintain, to keep
merecerto deserve, to merit,
meterto put, to insert
moverto move, to shift, to shake
nacerto be born
obedecerto obey, to take orders
obtenerto obtain, to get
ofenderto offend, to insult
ofrecerto offer, to give
olerto smell, to sniff
oponerto oppose
padecerto suffer
parecerto seem, appear
perderto lose
permanecerto stay, to remain
pertenecerto belong
poderto be able, can, may
ponerto put, to place, to set
preverto foresee, to anticipate
prometerto promise, to pledge, to vow
proponerto propose, to put forward, to come up with
protegerto protect, to safeguard
quererto want, to love
recogerto pick up, to collect
reconocerto recognize
renacerto be reborn, to revive
resolverto solve, to resolve, to settle
responderto respond, to answer, to reply
romperto break
saberto know
satisfacerto satisfy
serto be (permanent)
solerto be accustomed to, be accustomed to
sorprenderto surprise, take by surprise, startle, amaze
sucederto happen, to succeed
suponerto suppose
tañerto play, to ring, toll, chime
temerto fear
tenerto have
torcerto twist, bend, warp, wring, sprain
toserto cough
traerto bring; to get, fetch; to carry
valerto worth, to value
vencerto conquer, to beat, to overcome, to defeat
venderto sell, to market
verto see
volverto return, to go back, to come back, to get back
yacerto lie
All Spanish verbs ending in -ER

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