Spanish verbs ending in CAR

There are over 40 Spanish verbs ending in car. We have made a list of all these verbs. Easily search and filter them all. The list includes over 40 Spanish verbs ending in -car and their English translation. Click on the Spanish verb to see their full conjugation charts.

Spanish verbs ending in -CAR

Spanish verbEnglish translation
acercarto bring near, to move something nearer
ahorcarto hang
aplicarto apply
atacarto attack, to strike
buscarto search, to search for, to look for
chocarTo hit, to collide, to crash
clarificarto clarify, to illuminate
clasificarto classify, to sort out
colocarto place, to put, to position
comunicarto communicate, to inform, to report
confiscarto confiscate
criticarto criticize
crucificarto crucify
dedicarto dedicate
educarto educate, to bring up
equivocarto make a mistake
explicarto explain
fabricarto manufacture
glorificarto glorify, to praise
indicarto indicate, to show, to signal
invocarto invoke
marcarto mark, to dial
masticarto chew, to masticate
modificarto modify, to change, to alter
pescarto fish
picarto chop, to sting, to itch
platicarto chat, to talk
practicarto practice
provocarto provoke, to trigger
publicarto publish
purificarto purify, to purge
replicarto replicate, to talk back, to answer back
sacarto take out, stick out
sacrificarto sacrifice
secarto dry, to dry up, to dry off, wipe dry
significarto signify, mean
tocarto touch; to play
ubicarto place, locate; to be located, be situated
verificarto verify, to check, to inspect
These are all the Spanish verbs ending in CAR.

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