Spanish AR verbs

369 verbs in Spanish end in AR. Find a full list of all the -AR verbs underneath.

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The list contains all the regular and irregular verbs ending in -AR. It also tells you the English translation behind it.

All Spanish verbs ending in -AR

Spanish verbregular/irregularEnglish translation
abandonarregularto leave, abandon, give up, quit, drop out
abordarregularto approach, board
abortarregularto abort, cause to miscarry; to have a miscarriage
abrazarirregularto hug, embrace
abusarregularto go too far, take advantage
acabarregularto finish, to end
acamparregularto camp, to go camping
aceptarregularto accept, to approve
acercarirregularto bring near, to move something nearer
acompañarregularto accompany, to go with
aconsejarregularto advise
acordarirregularto decide, to resolve, to agree on
acortarregularto shorten
acostarirregularto put to bed, to lay down
acostumbrarregularto be accustomed to, to get used to
actuarirregularto act, perform, actuate, operate
adivinarregularto guess, to fortell
admirarregularto admire, to respect, to look up to
adorarregularto adore, to worship
adornarregularto adorn, to decorate
afeitarregularto shave
afirmarregularto affirm, to say
agorarirregularto predict, to bode
agradarregularto please, to be pleasing
aguantarregularto endure
ahorcarirregularto hang
ahorrarregularto save
alcanzarirregularto reach, to catch
alegrarregularto make happy, to cheer up, gladden
alentarirregularto encourage
aliviarregularto relieve, to alleviate
almorzarirregularto lunch, to eat lunch, to have lunch
alquilarregularto rent, to hire, to hire out
amarregularto love
amenazarirregularto threaten, to menace
andarirregularto walk, to go
anhelarregularto long, to yearn for
anunciarregularto announce
apagarirregularto put out, to turn off
aplicarirregularto apply
apostarirregularto bet, to wager
apoyarregularto support, to hold up
apreciarregularto appreciate, to value
apretarirregularto tight, to press, to squeeze
aprobarirregularto pass, to approve
arreglarregularto arrange, to settle, to fix
arrojarregularto throw, to cast,
asociarregularto associate, to pool, to put together
aspirarregularto breath in, to inhale
asustarregularto frighten, to scare, to startle
atacarirregularto attack, to strike
atravesarirregularto cross, to cross over
aumentarregularto increase, to enhance, to boost
avanzarirregularto advance, to move along
averiguarregularto find out, to inquire
avisarregularto warn, to alert, to notify
ayudarregularto help
bailarregularto dance
bajarregularto lower, to go down, to descend
bañarregularto bath, to bathe
bautizarirregularto baptize, to christen
besarregularto kiss, to peck
bordarregularto embroider
borrarregularto delete, to erase
brillarregularto shine, to sparkle, to glow
brindarregularto make a toast, to offer
bucearregularto skin-dive; to dive under water; to dive
burlarregularto outwit, to outsmart, to
buscarirregularto search, to search for, to look for
calentarirregularto heat up, warm up
callarregularto keep quiet about, to silence
cancelarregularto cancel
cansarregularto tire, to tire out, to wear out
caracterizarirregularto characterize
cargarirregularto load, to charge
casarregularto marry
castigarirregularto punish, to penalize
causarregularto cause, to create
cazarirregularto hunt, to chase, to get, to go after
celebrarregularto celebrate
cenarregularto eat supper, have supper, to eat dinner
censurarregularto censor, to censure
cepillarregularto brush
cerrarirregularto close, to shut, to shut down
cesarregularto cease, to stop
charlarregularto chat, to talk, to chatter
chismearregularto gossip
chocarirregularTo hit, to collide, to crash
civilizarirregularto civilize
clarificarirregularto clarify, to illuminate
clasificarirregularto classify, to sort out
cobrarregularto charge (a price), to cash (a check), to collect, receive (an amount)
cocinarregularto cook
colgarirregularto hang up, to hang
colocarirregularto place, to put, to position
colonizarirregularto colonize, to settle, to pioneer
comenzarirregularto begin, to start
comprarregularto buy, to purchase
comunicarirregularto communicate, to inform, to report
condenarregularto condemn, to convict, to sentence
confesarirregularto confess, to admit
confiarirregularto trust, be rely
confirmarregularto confirm, to support, to uphold
confiscarirregularto confiscate
conjugarirregularto conjugate
conquistarregularto conquer, to gain, to take
conservarregularto preserve, to conserve, to keep, retain
contaminarregularto contaminate, to pollute, to corrupt
contarirregularto count
contestarregularto answer
continuarirregularto continue
controlarregularto control, to inspect, to check
conversarregularto talk, to conversate
convidarregularto invite
copiarregularto copy
cortarregularto cut
costarirregularto cost
crearregularto create, to make
criarirregularto raise
criticarirregularto criticize
crucificarirregularto crucify
cruzarirregularto cross
cuidarregularto take care of, look after
culparregularto blame, to accuse, to condemn
cultivarregularto cultivate, to grow
curarregularto cure, to treat
darirregularto give
declararregularto declare, to state, to bid
decorarregularto decorate, adorn
dedicarirregularto dedicate
dejarregularto leave
demostrarirregularto demonstrate, to show
depositarregularto deposit, to place
desagradarregularto displease
desarrollarregularto develop, to expand
desayunarregularto eat breakfast, to have breakfast
descansarregularto rest, to take a rest
desearregularto desire, to want, to wish
despertarirregularto wake, to awaken
detestarregularto detest, to hate
devorarregularto devour, to eat
dibujarregularto draw, to design
diseñarregularto design
disfrutarregularto enjoy
disgustarregularto displease, to be displeasing
divorciarregularto divorce
doblarregularto bend, to double, to fold, to turn
ducharregularto shower
dudarregularto doubt
durarregularto last, to endure
echarregularto throw, to cast
educarirregularto educate, to bring up
efectuarirregularto effect, to carry out, to make
ejercerregularto exercise, to exert, to practice
eliminarregularto eliminate, to remove, to get rid of
emborracharregularto get druk
emigrarregularto emigrate, to migrate
empezarirregularto begin, to start
emplearregularto employ, to hire, to use
enamorarregularto fall in love
encantarregularto love, to delight, to enchant
encontrarirregularto find, to meet, to encounter
enfadarregularto anger, to irritate, to annoy
enfermarregularto get sick, to sicken, to fall ill
engañarregularto deceive, to cheat, to trick
enojarregularto anger, to annoy
enseñarregularto teach, to instruct
ensuciarregularto dirty, to mess, to soil
entrarregularto enter, to get in
entregarirregularto deliver, to give
entrevistarregularto interview
entusiasmarregularto enthuse
enviarirregularto send, to post, to ship
equivocarirregularto make a mistake
errarregularto err, to miss, to wander, to mistake
esperarregularto wait, to hope, to expect
esquiarirregularto ski
estarirregularto be (temporary), to stand, to be present
estimarregularto estimate, to gauge
estudiarregularto study, to investigate, to look at
evacuarregularto evacuate
evitarregularto avoid, to prevent, to avert
explicarirregularto explain
explorarregularto explore, to pioneer
explotarregularto exploit, to explode
exportarregularto export
expresarregularto express, to state
fabricarirregularto manufacture
faltarregularto lack, to fail
fascinarregularto fascinate, to allure
felicitarregularto congratulate
fijarregularto fix, to pin up
firmarregularto sign
formarregularto form, to shape
fumarregularto smoke
funcionarregularto function, to work
ganarregularto gain, to win, to earn
gastarregularto spend, to expend
generalizarirregularto generalize
glorificarirregularto glorify, to praise
gobernarirregularto govern, to rule
graduarirregularto graduate
gritarregularto shout, to yell, to scream, to cry out
guardarregularto guard, to watch over, to protect, to take care of, to pack away, to preserve
guiarirregularto guide, to lead
gustarregularto like, to love
hablarregularto speak, to talk
hallarregularto find, to discover, to locate, to find out
helarirregularto freeze, to chill, to ice
heredarregularto inherit
ilustrarregularto illustrate, to explain
importarregularto import
indicarirregularto indicate, to show, to signal
informarregularto inform, to report
iniciarregularto initiate, to start
inmigrarregularto immigrate
instalarregularto install, to set up
insultarregularto insult
intentarregularto try, to attempt, to intent
interesarregularto interest, to appeal
interpretarregularto interpret
inventarregularto invent
investigarirregularto investigate
invitarregularto invite
invocarirregularto invoke
jugarirregularto play
juntarregularto join, to put together
jurarregularto swear, to ledge
ladrarregularto bark
lamentarregularto regret, to mourn
lanzarirregularto throw, to launch
lastimarregularto hurt, to injure
lavarregularto wash
legalizarirregularto legalize, to probate
levantarregularto raise, to lift up
limpiarregularto clean
llamarregularto call, to name
llegarirregularto reach, to arrive, to get, to come, to get in
llenarregularto fill, to fill out
llevarregularto carry, to take, to bring
llorarregularto cry, to weep, to mourn
lograrregularto achieve, to attain, to get
lucharregularto fight, struggle
madurarregularto mature, to ripen
mandarregularto send, to order, to command
manejarregularto handle, to manage
maquillarregularto put make-up on
marcarirregularto mark, to dial
masticarirregularto chew, to masticate
matarregularto kill, to slay, to murder
matricularregularto register
merendarirregularto snack, to have tea
mezclarregularto mix, to blend, to mingle
mirarregularto watch, to look at, to see
modificarirregularto modify, to change, to alter
molestarregularto bother, to disturb, to annoy, to molest
montarregularto ride, to mount, to assemble
mostrarirregularto show, to display, to exhibit
mudarregularto change, to alter, to move
nadarregularto swim
navegarirregularto navigate, to sail, to surf, to cruise
necesitarregularto need, to require
negarirregularto deny, to refuse
negociarregularto negotiate
nevarirregularto snow
notarregularto note, to notice, to observe, to remark
obligarirregularto oblige, to force
odiarregularto hate
olvidarregularto forget, to neglect
organizarirregularto organize
pagarirregularto pay, to pay for
pararregularto stop, to halt
participarregularto participate, to take part in, to join
pasarregularto happen, to pass, to pass by
patinarregularto skate, to rollerblade
pegarirregularto stick, to paste, to glue
peinarregularto comb
pelearregularto fight, to quarrel
pensarirregularto think
perdonarregularto forgive, to pardon, to excuse
pesarregularto weigh, to weigh out, to scale
pescarirregularto fish
picarirregularto chop, to sting, to itch
pintarregularto paint
plancharregularto iron, to press
plantarregularto plant
platicarirregularto chat, to talk
practicarirregularto practice
preguntarregularto ask, to inquire, to question
prepararregularto prepare, to get ready
presentarregularto present, to submit, to introduce
preservarregularto preserve, to protect
probarirregularto taste, to test, to try
protestarregularto protest
provocarirregularto provoke, to trigger
publicarirregularto publish
purificarirregularto purify, to purge
quebrarirregularto break out, to rupture
quedarregularto stay, to remain, to stick around
quemarregularto burn, to burn off
realizarirregularto perform, to carry out, to realize
rechazarirregularto reject, to refuse
reciclarregularto recycle
recomendarirregularto recommend, to advise, to suggest
recordarirregularto remember, to recall
regalarregularto give away, to give a present
regarirregularto water, to irrigate, to spray
regatearregularto bargain, to haggle
registrarregularto register, to check in, to sign in
regresarregularto return, to go back, to come back
regularregularto regulate
rehusarregularto refuse, to decline, to deny
reinarregularto reign, to rule
renovarirregularto renew, to renovate
renunciarregularto give up, to renounce, to resign
repararregularto repair, to make good, to undo
repasarregularto review, to go over, to revise
replicarirregularto replicate, to talk back, to answer back
reportarregularto report
reservarregularto reserve, to book, to set aside
respetarregularto respect, to honour
respirarregularto breathe, to respire
resultarregularto turn out to be, to prove to be
revelarregularto reveal, to disclose, to develop (film)
rezarirregularto pray
robarregularto rob, to steal, to burgle, to break into
rogarirregularto plead, to beg, to ask for
saberirregularto know
sacarirregularto take out, stick out
sacrificarirregularto sacrifice
saltarregularto jump, to leap, to jump over, to leap over
saludarregularto greet, salute, hail, welcome
salvarregularto save, rescue
satirizarirregularto satirize
secarirregularto dry, to dry up, to dry off, wipe dry
señalarregularto point out, point to, to indicate
sentarirregularto seat, to sit
significarirregularto signify, mean
simbolizarirregularto symbolize, represent, stand for
situarirregularto place, put, situate
sonarirregularto sound, to ring
soñarirregularto dream
soportarregularto support, hold up, bear; to put up with, tolerate
suspirarregularto sigh
taparregularto cover, to close, to plug, to cap
tardarregularto delay, to be slow, to linger
terminarregularto finish, end
tirarregularto throw, hurl; to shoot, fire; to throw away; to pull [out]
tocarirregularto touch; to play
tomarregularto take, drink
trabajarregularto work
tragarirregularto swallow, drink up, gulp down; to absorb, soak up; to put up with
tratarregularto treat, handle
triunfarregularto triumph, win
tropezarirregularto trip, stumble, slip up
ubicarirregularto place, locate; to be located, be situated
untarregularto anoint, to spread
usarregularto use
utilizarirregularto use, utilize
vaciarregularto empty
variarirregularto vary
verificarirregularto verify, to check, to inspect
viajarregularto travel, to journey
violarregularto violate, to rape, to abuse, to break
visitarregularto visit, to pay a visit, to come by
volarirregularto fly
vomitarregularto vomit, to throw up
votarregularto vote
All Spanish verbs ending in -AR

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