Reflexive verbs Spanish list

A full list of all 69 reflexive verbs in Spanish can be found underneath. Search, scroll and find the verbs in the table. Click on the verb to find it's full conjugation chart.

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All reflexive verbs in Spanish:

Spanish verbEnglish translation
aburrirseto get bored, become bored, be bored
acercarseto approach
acordarseto remember
acostarseto go to bed, to lie down
acostumbrarseto get used to, get accustomed to
afeitarseto shave oneself
alegrarseto be glad, to rejoice
arrepentirseto regret, to be sorry
asustarseto be frightened oneself
atreverseto dare, to venture, to hazard
bañarseto bathe oneself
broncearseto get a tan, to tan
burlarseto make fun, to scoff
calentarseto get warm
callarseto shut up, to keep quite
calmarseto calm down yourself
cansarseto get tired, to get worn out,
casarseto get married
comunicarseto communicate
criarseto grow, to be brought up
decidirseto decide
dedicarseto devote oneself
desarrollarseto develop oneself, to grow
despertarseto wake up, to lie down
detenerseto stop, to pause, to rest
divertirseto have fun, to have a good time, to enjoy oneself
divorciarseto get divorced
dormirseto go to sleep, to fall asleep
ducharseto take a shower
echarseto lie, to lean, to throw
emborracharseto get drunk, to become drunk
enamorarseto fall in love, to fall for
enfadarseto get angry, to get irritated, to get annoyed
enfermarseto get sick, to become ill, to fall ill. become sick
enflaquecerseto get thin, to lose weight, to grow weak
enojarseto get angry, to lose one's temper
enriquecerseto get rich
enterarseto find out, to get to know
entusiasmarseto get excited, to become excited
envejecerseto get old, to age
graduarseto graduate
hallarseto find oneself
irseto leave, to go away
jactarseto boast, brag
juntarseto get together, to join
lavarseto wash oneself, to wash up
levantarseto get up
llamarseto be called, to be named
maquillarseto put on make-up someone
matricularseto enroll, to register, to matriculate, to enter
moverseto move, to travel, to stir
mudarseto move house
negarseto refuse
olvidarseto forget, to blow over
oponerseto stand against, to object
peinarseto comb one's hair, to do one's hair
ponerseto wear oneself, to put on self
preguntarseto wonder, to ask oneself
prepararseto prepare oneself, to get oneself ready
quebrarseto break, smash, get broken
quedarseto stay, to remain, to stick around
quejarseto complain, to moan
quemarseto burn oneself
registrarseto register oneself, to check in oneself, to sign in onseself
secarseto dry, to dry off, to dry up
sentarseto sit down, to seat oneself
sentirseto feel
vestirseto get dressed, to dress
zambullirseto dive, plunge