Participles in Spanish list

A full list of all participles (participio) in Spanish can be found underneath. Search, scroll and find the verbs in the table. Click on the verb to find it’s full conjugation chart.

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List of all Participles in Spanish

Spanish VerbParticipleEnglish Translation
abandonarabandonadoto leave, abandon, give up, quit, drop out
abordarabordadoto approach, board
abortarabortadoto abort, cause to miscarry; to have a miscarriage
abrazarabrazadoto hug, embrace
abrirabiertoto open
aburriraburridoto bore; to tire, weary
aburrirseaburridoto get bored, become bored, be bored
abusarabusadoto go too far, take advantage
acabaracabadoto finish, to end
acamparacampadoto camp, to go camping
aceptaraceptadoto accept, to approve
acercaracercadoto bring near, to move something nearer
acercarseacercadoto approach
acompañaracompañadoto accompany, to go with
aconsejaraconsejadoto advise
aconteceracontecidoto happen, to occur
acordaracordadoto decide, to resolve, to agree on
acordarseacordadoto remember
acortaracortadoto shorten
acostaracostadoto put to bed, to lay down
acostarseacostadoto go to bed, to lie down
acostumbraracostumbradoto be accustomed to, to get used to
acostumbrarseacostumbradoto get used to, get accustomed to
actuaractuadoto act, perform, actuate, operate
adivinaradivinadoto guess, to fortell
admiraradmiradoto admire, to respect, to look up to
admitiradmitidoto admit, to accept
adoraradoradoto adore, to worship
adornaradornadoto adorn, to decorate
advertiradvertidoto notice, to observe
afeitarafeitadoto shave
afeitarseafeitadoto shave oneself
afirmarafirmadoto affirm, to say
afligirafligidoto afflict, to grieve, to pain, to distress
agoraragoradoto predict, to bode
agradaragradadoto please, to be pleasing
agradeceragradecidoto be thankful for
aguantaraguantadoto endure
ahorcarahorcadoto hang
ahorrarahorradoto save
alcanzaralcanzadoto reach, to catch
alegraralegradoto make happy, to cheer up, gladden
alegrarsealegradoto be glad, to rejoice
alentaralentadoto encourage
aliviaraliviadoto relieve, to alleviate
almorzaralmorzadoto lunch, to eat lunch, to have lunch
alquilaralquiladoto rent, to hire, to hire out
amaneceramanecidoto dawn
amaramadoto love
amenazaramenazadoto threaten, to menace
añadirañadidoto add, to append
andarandadoto walk, to go
anhelaranheladoto long, to yearn for
anunciaranunciadoto announce
apagarapagadoto put out, to turn off
apareceraparecidoto appear
aplaudiraplaudidoto applaud, to cheer, to clap
aplicaraplicadoto apply
apostarapostadoto bet, to wager
apoyarapoyadoto support, to hold up
apreciarapreciadoto appreciate, to value
aprenderaprendidoto learn
apretarapretadoto tight, to press, to squeeze
aprobaraprobadoto pass, to approve
arreglararregladoto arrange, to settle, to fix
arrepentirsearrepentidoto regret, to be sorry
arrojararrojadoto throw, to cast,
asistirasistidoto assist, to attend
asociarasociadoto associate, to pool, to put together
aspiraraspiradoto breath in, to inhale
asustarasustadoto frighten, to scare, to startle
asustarseasustadoto be frightened oneself
atacaratacadoto attack, to strike
atenderatendidoto attend to, to pay attention to
atraeratraídoto attract, to lure, to appeal
atravesaratravesadoto cross, to cross over
atreverseatrevidoto dare, to venture, to hazard
aumentaraumentadoto increase, to enhance, to boost
avanzaravanzadoto advance, to move along
averiguaraveriguadoto find out, to inquire
avisaravisadoto warn, to alert, to notify
ayudarayudadoto help
bailarbailadoto dance
bajarbajadoto lower, to go down, to descend
bañarbañadoto bath, to bathe
bañarsebañadoto bathe oneself
barrerbarridoto sweep, to sweep away, to sweep out
batirbatidoto shake, to beat up, to hammer, to whip up
bautizarbautizadoto baptize, to christen
beberbebidoto drink
bendecirbenditoto bless
besarbesadoto kiss, to peck
bordarbordadoto embroider
borrarborradoto delete, to erase
brillarbrilladoto shine, to sparkle, to glow
brindarbrindadoto make a toast, to offer
broncearsebronceadoto get a tan, to tan
bucearbuceadoto skin-dive; to dive under water; to dive
burlarburladoto outwit, to outsmart, to
burlarseburladoto make fun, to scoff
buscarbuscadoto search, to search for, to look for
cabercabidoto fit
caercaídoto fall out, to drop
calcularcalculadoto calculate
calentarcalentadoto heat up, warm up
calentarsecalentadoto get warm
callarcalladoto keep quiet about, to silence
callarsecalladoto shut up, to keep quite
calmarcalmadoto calm down, to soothe
calmarsecalmadoto calm down yourself
caminarcaminadoto walk, to go
cancelarcanceladoto cancel
cansarcansadoto tire, to tire out, to wear out
cansarsecansadoto get tired, to get worn out,
caracterizarcaracterizadoto characterize
cargarcargadoto load, to charge
casarcasadoto marry
casarsecasadoto get married
castigarcastigadoto punish, to penalize
causarcausadoto cause, to create
cazarcazadoto hunt, to chase, to get, to go after
celebrarcelebradoto celebrate
cenarcenadoto eat supper, have supper, to eat dinner
censurarcensuradoto censor, to censure
cepillarcepilladoto brush
cerrarcerradoto close, to shut, to shut down
cesarcesadoto cease, to stop
charlarcharladoto chat, to talk, to chatter
chismearchismeadoto gossip
chocarchocadoTo hit, to collide, to crash
civilizarcivilizadoto civilize
clarificarclarificadoto clarify, to illuminate
clasificarclasificadoto classify, to sort out
cobrarcobradoto charge (a price), to cash (a check), to collect, receive (an amount)
cocinarcocinadoto cook
cogercogidoto take, to catch, to get
colgarcolgadoto hang up, to hang
colocarcolocadoto place, to put, to position
colonizarcolonizadoto colonize, to settle, to pioneer
combatircombatidoto combat, to fight
comenzarcomenzadoto begin, to start
comercomidoto eat
compartircompartidoto share
competircompetidoto compete
componercompuestoto compose, to make up, to put together
comprarcompradoto buy, to purchase
comprendercomprendidoto understand
comunicarcomunicadoto communicate, to inform, to report
comunicarsecomunicadoto communicate
condenarcondenadoto condemn, to convict, to sentence
conducirconducidoto drive, to lead, to conduct
confesarconfesadoto confess, to admit
confiarconfiadoto trust, be rely
confirmarconfirmadoto confirm, to support, to uphold
confiscarconfiscadoto confiscate
conjugarconjugadoto conjugate
conocerconocidoto know, to meet
conquistarconquistadoto conquer, to gain, to take
conseguirconseguidoto get, to obtain
consentirconsentidoto consent to, to allow
conservarconservadoto preserve, to conserve, to keep, retain
consistirconsistidoto consist, to be composed
constituirconstituidoto constitute
construirconstruidoto build, to construct
consumirconsumidoto consume, to eat
contaminarcontaminadoto contaminate, to pollute, to corrupt
contarcontadoto count
contenercontenidoto contain, to hold
contestarcontestadoto answer
continuarcontinuadoto continue
contribuircontribuidoto contribute
controlarcontroladoto control, to inspect, to check
convencerconvencidoto convince
convenirconvenidoto agree, to suit
conversarconversadoto talk, to conversate
convertirconvertidoto convert
convidarconvidadoto invite
copiarcopiadoto copy
corregircorregidoto correct
corrercorridoto run
cortarcortadoto cut
cosercosidoto sew, to sew up, to stitch, to stitch up
costarcostadoto cost
crearcreadoto create, to make
crecercrecidoto grow
creercreídoto believe
criarcriadoto raise
criarsecriadoto grow, to be brought up
criticarcriticadoto criticize
crucificarcrucificadoto crucify
cruzarcruzadoto cross
cubrircubiertoto cover
cuidarcuidadoto take care of, look after
culparculpadoto blame, to accuse, to condemn
cultivarcultivadoto cultivate, to grow
cumplircumplidoto fulfil, carry out, to reach
curarcuradoto cure, to treat
dardadoto give
deberdebidoto owe, must, should
decidirdecididoto decide, settle, resolve
decidirsedecididoto decide
decirdichoto say, to tell
declarardeclaradoto declare, to state, to bid
decorardecoradoto decorate, adorn
dedicardedicadoto dedicate
dedicarsededicadoto devote oneself
defenderdefendidoto defend
dejardejadoto leave
demostrardemostradoto demonstrate, to show
dependerdependidoto depend
depositardepositadoto deposit, to place
deprimirdeprimidoto depress, to get down
derretirderretidoto melt, to thaw
desagradardesagradadoto displease
desagradecerdesagradecidoto be unthankful for, to be ingrate
desaparecerdesaparecidoto disappear
desarrollardesarrolladoto develop, to expand
desarrollarsedesarrolladoto develop oneself, to grow
desayunardesayunadoto eat breakfast, to have breakfast
descansardescansadoto rest, to take a rest
descenderdescendidoto descend, to lower
describirdescritoto describe
descubrirdescubiertoto discover, to find out
deseardeseadoto desire, to want, to wish
deshacerdeshechoto undo, to break, to ruin
despedirdespedidoto dismiss, to sack, to discharge
despertardespertadoto wake, to awaken
despertarsedespertadoto wake up, to lie down
destruirdestruidoto destroy
detenerdetenidoto stop, to halt, to arrest
detenersedetenidoto stop, to pause, to rest
detestardetestadoto detest, to hate
devolverdevueltoto return, to restore, to give back
devorardevoradoto devour, to eat
dibujardibujadoto draw, to design
dirigirdirigidoto direct
diseñardiseñadoto design
disfrutardisfrutadoto enjoy
disgustardisgustadoto displease, to be displeasing
disminuirdisminuidoto diminish
distinguirdistinguidoto distinguish, to make out
distribuirdistribuidoto distribute, to hand out, to send out, to give out
divertirdivertidoto amuse, to entertain
divertirsedivertidoto have fun, to have a good time, to enjoy oneself
divorciardivorciadoto divorce
divorciarsedivorciadoto get divorced
doblardobladoto bend, to double, to fold, to turn
dolerdolidoto hurt, to ache
dormirdormidoto sleep
dormirsedormidoto go to sleep, to fall asleep
ducharduchadoto shower
ducharseduchadoto take a shower
dudardudadoto doubt
durarduradoto last, to endure
echarechadoto throw, to cast
echarseechadoto lie, to lean, to throw
educareducadoto educate, to bring up
efectuarefectuadoto effect, to carry out, to make
ejercerejercidoto exercise, to exert, to practice
elegirelegidoto elect, to chose
eliminareliminadoto eliminate, to remove, to get rid of
emborracharemborrachadoto get druk
emborracharseemborrachadoto get drunk, to become drunk
emigraremigradoto emigrate, to migrate
empezarempezadoto begin, to start
emplearempleadoto employ, to hire, to use
enamorarenamoradoto fall in love
enamorarseenamoradoto fall in love, to fall for
encantarencantadoto love, to delight, to enchant
encenderencendidoto turn on, to ignite
encontrarencontradoto find, to meet, to encounter
enfadarenfadadoto anger, to irritate, to annoy
enfadarseenfadadoto get angry, to get irritated, to get annoyed
enfermarenfermadoto get sick, to sicken, to fall ill
enfermarseenfermadoto get sick, to become ill, to fall ill. become sick
enflaquecerenflaquecidoto thin
enflaquecerseenflaquecidoto get thin, to lose weight, to grow weak
engañarengañadoto deceive, to cheat, to trick
enojarenojadoto anger, to annoy
enojarseenojadoto get angry, to lose one's temper
enriquecerenriquecidoto enrich, to make rich
enriquecerseenriquecidoto get rich
enseñarenseñadoto teach, to instruct
ensuciarensuciadoto dirty, to mess, to soil
entenderentendidoto understand, to realize
enterarseenteradoto find out, to get to know
entrarentradoto enter, to get in
entregarentregadoto deliver, to give
entretenerentretenidoto entertain, to amuse
entrevistarentrevistadoto interview
entusiasmarentusiasmadoto enthuse
entusiasmarseentusiasmadoto get excited, to become excited
envejecerenvejecidoto age, to get old
envejecerseenvejecidoto get old, to age
enviarenviadoto send, to post, to ship
equivocarequivocadoto make a mistake
errarerradoto err, to miss, to wander, to mistake
escogerescogidoto pick, to chose
esconderescondidoto hide, to conceal, to stash
escribirescritoto write, to spell
escucharescuchadoto listen to, hear
esperaresperadoto wait, to hope, to expect
esquiaresquiadoto ski
establecerestablecidoto establish, to set up, to form
estarestadoto be (temporary), to stand, to be present
estimarestimadoto estimate, to gauge
estudiarestudiadoto study, to investigate, to look at
evacuarevacuadoto evacuate
evitarevitadoto avoid, to prevent, to avert
exhibirexhibidoto exhibit, to show, to display
exigirexigidoto demand, to require
explicarexplicadoto explain
explorarexploradoto explore, to pioneer
explotarexplotadoto exploit, to explode
exponerexpuestoto expose, to exhibit
exportarexportadoto export
expresarexpresadoto express, to state
extenderextendidoto extend, to spread
extinguirextinguidoto extinguish, to put out
fabricarfabricadoto manufacture
faltarfaltadoto lack, to fail
fascinarfascinadoto fascinate, to allure
felicitarfelicitadoto congratulate
fijarfijadoto fix, to pin up
fingirfingidoto fake, to feign, to pretend
firmarfirmadoto sign
florecerflorecidoto flourish, to bloom
formarformadoto form, to shape
fortalecerfortalecidoto fortify, to strengthen
freírfritoto fry
fumarfumadoto smoke
funcionarfuncionadoto function, to work
ganarganadoto gain, to win, to earn
gastargastadoto spend, to expend
generalizargeneralizadoto generalize
glorificarglorificadoto glorify, to praise
gobernargobernadoto govern, to rule
graduargraduadoto graduate
graduarsegraduadoto graduate
gritargritadoto shout, to yell, to scream, to cry out
gruñirgruñidoto snarl, to grunt, to growl
guardarguardadoto guard, to watch over, to protect, to take care of, to pack away, to preserve
guiarguiadoto guide, to lead
gustargustadoto like, to love
hablarhabladoto speak, to talk
hacerhechoto do, make
hallarhalladoto find, to discover, to locate, to find out
hallarsehalladoto find oneself
helarheladoto freeze, to chill, to ice
heredarheredadoto inherit
herirheridoto injure, to hurt, to wound
hervirhervidoto boil
huirhuidoto flee, to escape, to run away
ilustrarilustradoto illustrate, to explain
importarimportadoto import
imprimirimprimido, impresoto print
incluirincluidoto include
indicarindicadoto indicate, to show, to signal
inducirinducidoto induce
influirinfluidoto influence
informarinformadoto inform, to report
iniciariniciadoto initiate, to start
inmigrarinmigradoto immigrate
insistirinsistidoto insist
instalarinstaladoto install, to set up
insultarinsultadoto insult
intentarintentadoto try, to attempt, to intent
interesarinteresadoto interest, to appeal
interpretarinterpretadoto interpret
introducirintroducidoto introduce
invadirinvadidoto invade, to encroach
inventarinventadoto invent
invertirinvertidoto invest
investigarinvestigadoto investigate
invitarinvitadoto invite
invocarinvocadoto invoke
iridoto go, to be (permanent)
irseidoto leave, to go away
jactarsejactadoto boast, brag
jugarjugadoto play
juntarjuntadoto join, to put together
juntarsejuntadoto get together, to join
jurarjuradoto swear, to ledge
ladrarladradoto bark
lamentarlamentadoto regret, to mourn
lanzarlanzadoto throw, to launch
lastimarlastimadoto hurt, to injure
lavarlavadoto wash
lavarselavadoto wash oneself, to wash up
leerleídoto read
legalizarlegalizadoto legalize, to probate
levantarlevantadoto raise, to lift up
levantarselevantadoto get up
limpiarlimpiadoto clean
llamarllamadoto call, to name
llamarsellamadoto be called, to be named
llegarllegadoto reach, to arrive, to get, to come, to get in
llenarllenadoto fill, to fill out
llevarllevadoto carry, to take, to bring
llorarlloradoto cry, to weep, to mourn
lloverllovidoto rain
lograrlogradoto achieve, to attain, to get
lucharluchadoto fight, struggle
madurarmaduradoto mature, to ripen
mandarmandadoto send, to order, to command
manejarmanejadoto handle, to manage
mantenermantenidoto maintain, to keep
maquillarmaquilladoto put make-up on
maquillarsemaquilladoto put on make-up someone
marcarmarcadoto mark, to dial
masticarmasticadoto chew, to masticate
matarmatadoto kill, to slay, to murder
matricularmatriculadoto register
matricularsematriculadoto enroll, to register, to matriculate, to enter
medirmedidoto measure, to gauge
mentirmentidoto lie, to tell a lie
merecermerecidoto deserve, to merit,
merendarmerendadoto snack, to have tea
metermetidoto put, to insert
mezclarmezcladoto mix, to blend, to mingle
mirarmiradoto watch, to look at, to see
modificarmodificadoto modify, to change, to alter
molestarmolestadoto bother, to disturb, to annoy, to molest
montarmontadoto ride, to mount, to assemble
morirmuertoto die, to kill
mostrarmostradoto show, to display, to exhibit
movermovidoto move, to shift, to shake
moversemovidoto move, to travel, to stir
mudarmudadoto change, to alter, to move
mudarsemudadoto move house
nacernacidoto be born
nadarnadadoto swim
navegarnavegadoto navigate, to sail, to surf, to cruise
necesitarnecesitadoto need, to require
negarnegadoto deny, to refuse
negarsenegadoto refuse
negociarnegociadoto negotiate
nevarnevadoto snow
notarnotadoto note, to notice, to observe, to remark
obedecerobedecidoto obey, to take orders
obligarobligadoto oblige, to force
obtenerobtenidoto obtain, to get
ocurrirocurridoto occur, to happen, to take place
odiarodiadoto hate
ofenderofendidoto offend, to insult
ofrecerofrecidoto offer, to give
oíroídoto hear, to listen, to overhear
olerolidoto smell, to sniff
olvidarolvidadoto forget, to neglect
olvidarseolvidadoto forget, to blow over
oponeropuestoto oppose
oponerseopuestoto stand against, to object
organizarorganizadoto organize
padecerpadecidoto suffer
pagarpagadoto pay, to pay for
pararparadoto stop, to halt
parecerparecidoto seem, appear
participarparticipadoto participate, to take part in, to join
pasarpasadoto happen, to pass, to pass by
patinarpatinadoto skate, to rollerblade
pedirpedidoto request, to ask for
pegarpegadoto stick, to paste, to glue
peinarpeinadoto comb
peinarsepeinadoto comb one's hair, to do one's hair
pelearpeleadoto fight, to quarrel
pensarpensadoto think
perderperdidoto lose
perdonarperdonadoto forgive, to pardon, to excuse
permanecerpermanecidoto stay, to remain
permitirpermitidoto permit, to allow
perseguirperseguidoto pursue, to chase, to go after
pertenecerpertenecidoto belong
pesarpesadoto weigh, to weigh out, to scale
pescarpescadoto fish
picarpicadoto chop, to sting, to itch
pintarpintadoto paint
plancharplanchadoto iron, to press
plantarplantadoto plant
platicarplaticadoto chat, to talk
poderpodidoto be able, can, may
ponerpuestoto put, to place, to set
ponersepuestoto wear oneself, to put on self
practicarpracticadoto practice
predecirpredichoto predict, foretell, forecast
preferirpreferidoto prefer
preguntarpreguntadoto ask, to inquire, to question
preguntarsepreguntadoto wonder, to ask oneself
prepararpreparadoto prepare, to get ready
prepararsepreparadoto prepare oneself, to get oneself ready
presentarpresentadoto present, to submit, to introduce
presentirpresentidoto presage, to forebode
preservarpreservadoto preserve, to protect
preverprevistoto foresee, to anticipate
probarprobadoto taste, to test, to try
producirproducidoto produce
prohibirprohibidoto prohibit, to ban, to forbid
prometerprometidoto promise, to pledge, to vow
proponerpropuestoto propose, to put forward, to come up with
proseguirproseguidoto pursue, to carry on
protegerprotegidoto protect, to safeguard
protestarprotestadoto protest
provocarprovocadoto provoke, to trigger
publicarpublicadoto publish
purificarpurificadoto purify, to purge
quebrarquebradoto break out, to rupture
quebrarsequebradoto break, smash, get broken
quedarquedadoto stay, to remain, to stick around
quedarsequedadoto stay, to remain, to stick around
quejarsequejadoto complain, to moan
quemarquemadoto burn, to burn off
quemarsequemadoto burn oneself
quererqueridoto want, to love
realizarrealizadoto perform, to carry out, to realize
rechazarrechazadoto reject, to refuse
recibirrecibidoto receive
reciclarrecicladoto recycle
recogerrecogidoto pick up, to collect
recomendarrecomendadoto recommend, to advise, to suggest
reconocerreconocidoto recognize
recordarrecordadoto remember, to recall
reducirreducidoto reduce, to lower, to decrease
regalarregaladoto give away, to give a present
regarregadoto water, to irrigate, to spray
regatearregateadoto bargain, to haggle
regirregidoto govern, to rule
registrarregistradoto register, to check in, to sign in
registrarseregistradoto register oneself, to check in oneself, to sign in onseself
regresarregresadoto return, to go back, to come back
regularreguladoto regulate
rehusarrehusadoto refuse, to decline, to deny
reinarreinadoto reign, to rule
reírreídoto laugh
renacerrenacidoto be reborn, to revive
reñirreñidoto quarrel, to fight, to argue, to fall out
renovarrenovadoto renew, to renovate
renunciarrenunciadoto give up, to renounce, to resign
repararreparadoto repair, to make good, to undo
repasarrepasadoto review, to go over, to revise
repetirrepetidoto repeat, to echo, to replay
replicarreplicadoto replicate, to talk back, to answer back
reportarreportadoto report
requerirrequeridoto require, to call for.
reservarreservadoto reserve, to book, to set aside
resolverresueltoto solve, to resolve, to settle
respetarrespetadoto respect, to honour
respirarrespiradoto breathe, to respire
responderrespondidoto respond, to answer, to reply
resultarresultadoto turn out to be, to prove to be
revelarreveladoto reveal, to disclose, to develop (film)
rezarrezadoto pray
robarrobadoto rob, to steal, to burgle, to break into
rogarrogadoto plead, to beg, to ask for
romperrototo break
sabersabidoto know
sacarsacadoto take out, stick out
sacrificarsacrificadoto sacrifice
sacudirsacudidoto shake, beat, flap
salirsalidoto leave, go out
saltarsaltadoto jump, to leap, to jump over, to leap over
saludarsaludadoto greet, salute, hail, welcome
salvarsalvadoto save, rescue
satirizarsatirizadoto satirize
satisfacersatisfechoto satisfy
secarsecadoto dry, to dry up, to dry off, wipe dry
secarsesecadoto dry, to dry off, to dry up
seguirseguidoto follow, continue
señalarseñaladoto point out, point to, to indicate
sentarsentadoto seat, to sit
sentarsesentadoto sit down, to seat oneself
sentirsentidoto feel, regret
sentirsesentidoto feel
sersidoto be (permanent)
servirservidoto serve
significarsignificadoto signify, mean
simbolizarsimbolizadoto symbolize, represent, stand for
situarsituadoto place, put, situate
sobrevivirsobrevividoto survive, outlive, outlast
solersolidoto be accustomed to, be accustomed to
sonarsonadoto sound, to ring
soñarsoñadoto dream
sonreírsonreídoto smile
soportarsoportadoto support, hold up, bear; to put up with, tolerate
sorprendersorprendidoto surprise, take by surprise, startle, amaze
subirsubidoto go up, rise, move up, climb
sucedersucedidoto happen, to succeed
sufrirsufridoto suffer
sugerirsugeridoto suggest
suponersupuestoto suppose
surgirsurgidoto arise, to emerge
suspirarsuspiradoto sigh
sustituirsustituidoto substitute, to replace
tañertañidoto play, to ring, toll, chime
tapartapadoto cover, to close, to plug, to cap
tardartardadoto delay, to be slow, to linger
temertemidoto fear
tenertenidoto have
teñirteñidoto dye or color
terminarterminadoto finish, end
tirartiradoto throw, hurl; to shoot, fire; to throw away; to pull [out]
tocartocadoto touch; to play
tomartomadoto take, drink
torcertorcidoto twist, bend, warp, wring, sprain
tosertosidoto cough
trabajartrabajadoto work
traducirtraducidoto translate
traertraídoto bring; to get, fetch; to carry
tragartragadoto swallow, drink up, gulp down; to absorb, soak up; to put up with
tratartratadoto treat, handle
triunfartriunfadoto triumph, win
tropezartropezadoto trip, stumble, slip up
ubicarubicadoto place, locate; to be located, be situated
unirunidoto unite, to join, to tie together, to link
untaruntadoto anoint, to spread
usarusadoto use
utilizarutilizadoto use, utilize
vaciarvaciadoto empty
valervalidoto worth, to value
variarvariadoto vary
vencervencidoto conquer, to beat, to overcome, to defeat
vendervendidoto sell, to market
venirvenidoto come
vervistoto see
verificarverificadoto verify, to check, to inspect
vestirvestidoto dress, to wear
vestirsevestidoto get dressed, to dress
viajarviajadoto travel, to journey
violarvioladoto violate, to rape, to abuse, to break
visitarvisitadoto visit, to pay a visit, to come by
vivirvividoto live, to reside
volarvoladoto fly
volvervueltoto return, to go back, to come back, to get back
vomitarvomitadoto vomit, to throw up
votarvotadoto vote
yaceryacidoto lie
zambullirsezambullidoto dive, plunge