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‘Me muero de’ vs ‘Me muero por’

Have you ever been to a Spanish-speaking country and been puzzled with the difference between “Me meuro de” and “Me … Read more

All things you can say with ‘vez’

The word “vez” in Spanish means “time”, “turn” or “occasion.” Vez is a common word in Spanish. It can be … Read more

Spanish suffixes

Spanish suffixes

Did you know there are over 275 suffixes in the Spanish language? Imagine if you would know just a couple … Read more

How long does it take to learn Spanish

How long does it take to learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish is not an easy task. It takes time and effort to learn a new language. The amount of … Read more

Conjugate Spanish verbs IR

All Spanish verbs end in either -AR, -ER or -IR. All 3 have a different set of rules when it … Read more

Preterite conjugations

All conjugations in the preterite tense Here is a handy table of all Preterite conjugations in the Spanish with over … Read more

501 Spanish expressions

If you want to live and breath Spanish you will have to learn to use it’s common expressions and sayings … Read more

learn spanish verbs

Learn Spanish verbs

Learning Spanish verbs is the key to be able to master this language. Knowing the right verbs and being able … Read more

What to say when you receive a gift in Spanish

Spanish vocabulary: What to say when you receive a gift?

We all love getting gifts! But it you receive a gift from a Spanish speaking person and you don’t fully … Read more

How to spell in Spanish

How to spell in Spanish

When you are learning Spanish being able to spell is a very useful skill. Especially to be able to book … Read more

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