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Reflexive verbs in Spanish

Reflexive verbs in Spanish

The Spanish language has 69 reflexive verbs. An indicator for a reflexive verb is that the verb (the infinitive) always … Read more

traer vs llevar

Traer vs. llevar

Traer vs llevar? Many people that start to learn Spanish are confused by how to properly use the verbs Traer … Read more

A1 – beginners level game to learn vocabulary

I came across this super simple old school game. Just want to share with you because it is a great … Read more

Spaniards be like…

Do you honestly think you have mastered the skill of keeping up with the speed that Spaniards talk in? I … Read more

Stress in spanish words

Word stress in Spanish

Spanish words are stressed on the second to last syllable if the words ends in a N, S or A, E, I, O, U.

Spanish Past and present: 5 minute learning hack

Spanish hack: Simple way to learn PAST and FUTURE tense in Spanish in 5 minutes

What if you could speak Spanish in past and future tense without learning any rows of verbs and conjugations: by just knowing these 12 words. Here is my hack to speak Spanish in past and future tense without actually learning it.

My first blog

First of all. Let me introduce myself. My name is Linda. I am 33 years old. I live is Jávea, … Read more

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