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The first 5 verbs you should learn in Spanish

The first 5 verbs you should learn in Spanish

What are the 5 essential verbs to learn in Spanish? That is simple: Deber (must / should)Querer (want)Poder (can / … Read more

Spanish christmas vocabulary

Spanish christmas vocabulary

First of all let’s start with some basic Spanish words about Christmas: Merry Christmas! – Feliz Navidad! Happy new year! … Read more

Spanish vocabulary - at a Spanish pharmacy

Spanish vocabulary: at the pharmacy

This full guide will get you ready to visit any Spanish pharmacy to explain your complaints and help you need … Read more

cute nicknames in Spanish

Best & cutest nicknames in Spanish

Nicknames are a way of referring to other people in an informal way but at the same time reflect some … Read more

Reflexive verbs in Spanish

Reflexive verbs in Spanish

The Spanish language has 69 reflexive verbs. An indicator for a reflexive verb is that the verb (the infinitive) always … Read more

traer vs llevar

Traer vs. llevar

Traer vs llevar? Many people that start to learn Spanish are confused by how to properly use the verbs Traer … Read more

A1 – beginners level game to learn vocabulary

I came across this super simple old school game. Just want to share with you because it is a great … Read more

Spaniards be like…

Do you honestly think you have mastered the skill of keeping up with the speed that Spaniards talk in? I … Read more

Stress in spanish words

Word stress in Spanish

Spanish words are stressed on the second to last syllable if the words ends in a N, S or A, E, I, O, U.

Spanish Past and present: 5 minute learning hack

Spanish hack: Simple way to learn PAST and FUTURE tense in Spanish in 5 minutes

What if you could speak Spanish in past and future tense without learning any rows of verbs and conjugations: by just knowing these 12 words. Here is my hack to speak Spanish in past and future tense without actually learning it.

5 day - Spanish verb power challenge

Brand new workbook and lessons for beginners who want to talk the present, future and past tense within 5 days.

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