Most common Spanish verbs

Out of all the verbs used in Spanish language about 48% of the time, it will be one of these 10 verbs. Learn them well, because you will come across them all the time when you are listening or speaking Spanish:

The 10 most common verbs used in the Spanish language:

  1. Estar – To be (temporary)
  2. Ser – To be (permanent)
  3. Tener – To have
  4. Ir – To go
  5. Venir – To come
  6. Hacer – To do
  7. Poder – To be able, can
  8. Decir – To say or tell
  9. Ver – To see
  10. Tomar – To take or drink

Click on the link to see the full conjugation of each verb.

As with any language Spanish has verbs that used so frequently that they make the backbone of the language. Verbs that you can master so that you are basically able to say want you want to say in one way or another. We firmly believe that when you would master the following 10 verbs you can start to make a good conversion is Spanish.

More common Spanish verbs

Are you ready to go one level up and learn more commonly used Spanish verbs? We have got a download available that will teach you the 25 used most verbs in the Spanish language. Click here to get your copy.

Do you know 100 Spanish Verbs?

This multiple choice quiz will put you to the test. Take the test to see if you know the 100 most important Spanish verbs.

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