List of Spanish verbs

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Spanish verbEnglish translationregular/irregularreflextive
abandonarto leave, abandon, give up, quit, drop outregularno
abordarto approach, boardregularno
abortarto abort, cause to miscarry; to have a miscarriageregularno
abrazarto hug, embraceirregularno
abrirto openirregularno
aburrirto bore, to tire, wearyregularno
aburrirseto get bored, become bored, be boredregularyes
abusarto go too far, take advantageregularno
acabarto finish, to endregularno
acamparto camp, to go campingregularno
aceptarto accept, to approveregularno
acercarto bring near, to move something nearerirregularno
acercarseto approachregularyes
acompañarto accompany, to go withregularno
aconsejarto adviseregularno
acontecerto happen, to occurirregularno
acordarto decide, to resolve, to agree onirregularno
acordarseto rememberirregularyes
acortarto shortenregularno
acostarto put to bed, to lay downirregularno
acostarseto go to bed, to lie downirregularyes
acostumbrarto be accustomed to, to get used toregularno
acostumbrarseto get used to, get accustomed toregularyes
actuarto act, perform, actuate, operateirregularno
adivinarto guess, to fortellregularno
admirarto admire, to respect, to look up toregularno
admitirto admit, to acceptregularno
adorarto adore, to worshipregularno
adornarto adorn, to decorateregularno
advertirto notice, to observeirregularno
afeitarto shaveregularno
afeitarseto shave oneselfregularyes
afirmarto affirm, to sayregularno
afligirto afflict, to grieve, to pain, to distressirregularno
agorarto predict, to bodeirregularno
agradarto please, to be pleasingregularno
agradecerto be thankful forirregularno
aguantarto endureregularno
ahorcarto hangirregularno
ahorrarto saveregularno
alcanzarto reach, to catchirregularno
alegrarto make happy, to cheer up, gladdenregularno
alegrarseto be glad, to rejoiceregularyes
alentarto encourageirregularno
aliviarto relieve, to alleviateregularno
almorzarto lunch, to eat lunch, to have lunchirregularno
alquilarto rent, to hire, to hire outregularno
amanecerto dawnirregularno
amarto loveregularno
amenazarto threaten, to menaceirregularno
añadirto add, to appendregularno
andarto walk, to goirregularno
anhelarto long, to yearn forregularno
anunciarto announceregularno
apagarto put out, to turn offirregularno
aparecerto appearirregularno
aplaudirto applaud, to cheer, to clapregularno
aplicarto applyirregularno
apostarto bet, to wagerirregularno
apoyarto support, to hold upregularno
apreciarto appreciate, to valueregularno
aprenderto learnregularno
apretarto tight, to press, to squeezeirregularno
aprobarto pass, to approveirregularno
arreglarto arrange, to settle, to fixregularno
arrepentirseto regret, to be sorryirregularyes
arrojarto throw, to cast,regularno
asistirto assist, to attendregularno
asociarto associate, to pool, to put togetherregularno
aspirarto breath in, to inhaleregularno
asustarto frighten, to scare, to startleregularno
asustarseto be frightened oneselfregularyes
atacarto attack, to strikeirregularno
atenderto attend to, to pay attention toirregularno
atraerto attract, to lure, to appealirregularno
atravesarto cross, to cross overirregularno
atreverseto dare, to venture, to hazardregularyes
aumentarto increase, to enhance, to boostregularno
avanzarto advance, to move alongirregularno
averiguarto find out, to inquireregularno
avisarto warn, to alert, to notifyregularno
ayudarto helpregularno
bailarto danceregularno
bajarto lower, to go down, to descendregularno
bañarto bath, to batheregularno
bañarseto bathe oneselfregularyes
barrerto sweep, to sweep away, to sweep outregularno
batirto shake, to beat up, to hammer, to whip upregularno
bautizarto baptize, to christenirregularno
beberto drinkregularno
bendecirto blessirregularno
besarto kiss, to peckregularno
bordarto embroiderregularno
borrarto delete, to eraseregularno
brillarto shine, to sparkle, to glowregularno
brindarto make a toast, to offerregularno
broncearseto get a tan, to tanregularyes
bucearto skin-dive; to dive under water; to diveregularno
burlarto outwit, to outsmart, toregularno
burlarseto make fun, to scoffregularyes
buscarto search, to search for, to look forirregularno
caberto fitirregularno
caerto fall out, to dropirregularno
calcularto calculateregularno
calentarto heat up, warm upirregularno
calentarseto get warmirregularyes
callarto keep quiet about, to silenceregularno
callarseto shut up, to keep quiteregularyes
calmarto calm down, to sootheregularno
calmarseto calm down yourselfregularyes
caminarto walk, to goregularno
cancelarto cancelregularno
cansarto tire, to tire out, to wear outregularno
cansarseto get tired, to get worn out,regularyes
caracterizarto characterizeirregularno
cargarto load, to chargeirregularno
casarto marryregularno
casarseto get marriedregularyes
castigarto punish, to penalizeirregularno
causarto cause, to createregularno
cazarto hunt, to chase, to get, to go afterirregularno
celebrarto celebrateregularno
cenarto eat supper, have supper, to eat dinnerregularno
censurarto censor, to censureregularno
cepillarto brushregularno
cerrarto close, to shut, to shut downirregularno
cesarto cease, to stopregularno
charlarto chat, to talk, to chatterregularno
chismearto gossipregularno
chocarTo hit, to collide, to crashirregularno
civilizarto civilizeirregularno
clarificarto clarify, to illuminateirregularno
clasificarto classify, to sort outirregularno
cobrarto charge (a price), to cash (a check), to collect, receive (an amount)regularno
cocinarto cookregularno
cogerto take, to catch, to getregularno
colgarto hang up, to hangirregularno
colocarto place, to put, to positionirregularno
colonizarto colonize, to settle, to pioneerirregularno
combatirto combat, to fightregularno
comenzarto begin, to startirregularno
comerto eatregularno
compartirto shareregularno
competirto competeirregularno
componerto compose, to make up, to put togetherirregularno
comprarto buy, to purchaseregularno
comprenderto understandregularno
comunicarto communicate, to inform, to reportirregularno
comunicarseto communicateirregularyes
condenarto condemn, to convict, to sentenceregularno
conducirto drive, to lead, to conductirregularno
confesarto confess, to admitirregularno
confiarto trust, be relyirregularno
confirmarto confirm, to support, to upholdregularno
confiscarto confiscateirregularno
conjugarto conjugateirregularno
conocerto know, to meetirregularno
conquistarto conquer, to gain, to takeregularno
conseguirto get, to obtainirregularno
consentirto consent to, to allowirregularno
conservarto preserve, to conserve, to keep, retainregularno
consistirto consist, to be composedregularno
constituirto constituteregularno
construirto build, to constructregularno
consumirto consume, to eatregularno
contaminarto contaminate, to pollute, to corruptregularno
contarto countirregularno
contenerto contain, to holdirregularno
contestarto answerregularno
continuarto continueirregularno
contribuirto contributeregularno
controlarto control, to inspect, to checkregularno
convencerto convinceregularno
convenirto agree, to suitirregularno
conversarto talk, to conversateregularno
convertirto convertirregularno
convidarto inviteregularno
copiarto copyregularno
corregirto correctirregularno
correrto runregularno
cortarto cutregularno
coserto sew, to sew up, to stitch, to stitch upregularno
costarto costirregularno
crearto create, to makeregularno
crecerto growirregularno
creerto believeirregularno
criarto raiseirregularno
criarseto grow, to be brought upirregularyes
criticarto criticizeirregularno
crucificarto crucifyirregularno
cruzarto crossirregularno
cubrirto coverregularno
cuidarto take care of, look afterregularno
culparto blame, to accuse, to condemnregularno
cultivarto cultivate, to growregularno
cumplirto fulfil, carry out, to reachregularno
curarto cure, to treatregularno
darto giveirregularno
deberto owe, must, shouldregularno
decidirto decide, settle, resolveregularno
decidirseto decideregularyes
decirto say, to tellirregularno
declararto declare, to state, to bidregularno
decorarto decorate, adornregularno
dedicarto dedicateirregularno
dedicarseto devote oneselfregularyes
defenderto defendirregularno
dejarto leaveregularno
demostrarto demonstrate, to showirregularno
dependerto dependregularno
depositarto deposit, to placeregularno
deprimirto depress, to get downregularno
derretirto melt, to thawirregularno
desagradarto displeaseregularno
desagradecerto be unthankful for, to be ingrateirregularno
desaparecerto disappearirregularno
desarrollarto develop, to expandregularno
desarrollarseto develop oneself, to growregularyes
desayunarto eat breakfast, to have breakfastregularno
descansarto rest, to take a restregularno
descenderto descend, to lowerirregularno
describirto describeregularno
descubrirto discover, to find outregularno
desearto desire, to want, to wishregularno
deshacerto undo, to break, to ruinirregularno
despedirto dismiss, to sack, to dischargeirregularno
despertarto wake, to awakenirregularno
despertarseto wake up, to lie downirregularyes
destruirto destroyregularno
detenerto stop, to halt, to arrestirregularno
detenerseto stop, to pause, to restirregularyes
detestarto detest, to hateregularno
devolverto return, to restore, to give backirregularno
devorarto devour, to eatregularno
dibujarto draw, to designregularno
dirigirto directirregularno
diseñarto designregularno
disfrutarto enjoyregularno
disgustarto displease, to be displeasingregularno
disminuirto diminishregularno
distinguirto distinguish, to make outregularno
distribuirto distribute, to hand out, to send out, to give outregularno
divertirto amuse, to entertainirregularno
divertirseto have fun, to have a good time, to enjoy oneselfirregularyes
divorciarto divorceregularno
divorciarseto get divorcedregularyes
doblarto bend, to double, to fold, to turnregularno
dolerto hurt, to acheirregularno
dormirto sleepirregularno
dormirseto go to sleep, to fall asleepirregularyes
ducharto showerregularno
ducharseto take a showerregularyes
dudarto doubtregularno
durarto last, to endureregularno
echarto throw, to castregularno
echarseto lie, to lean, to throwregularyes
educarto educate, to bring upirregularno
efectuarto effect, to carry out, to makeirregularno
ejercerto exercise, to exert, to practiceregularno
elegirto elect, to choseirregularno
eliminarto eliminate, to remove, to get rid ofregularno
emborracharto get drukregularno
emborracharseto get drunk, to become drunkregularyes
emigrarto emigrate, to migrateregularno
empezarto begin, to startirregularno
emplearto employ, to hire, to useregularno
enamorarto fall in loveregularno
enamorarseto fall in love, to fall forregularyes
encantarto love, to delight, to enchantregularno
encenderto turn on, to igniteirregularno
encontrarto find, to meet, to encounterirregularno
enfadarto anger, to irritate, to annoyregularno
enfadarseto get angry, to get irritated, to get annoyedregularyes
enfermarto get sick, to sicken, to fall illregularno
enfermarseto get sick, to become ill, to fall ill. become sickregularyes
enflaquecerto thinirregularno
enflaquecerseto get thin, to lose weight, to grow weakirregularyes
engañarto deceive, to cheat, to trickregularno
enojarto anger, to annoyregularno
enojarseto get angry, to lose one's temperregularyes
enriquecerto enrich, to make richirregularno
enriquecerseto get richirregularyes
enseñarto teach, to instructregularno
ensuciarto dirty, to mess, to soilregularno
entenderto understand, to realizeirregularno
enterarseto find out [about something], to learn [of something])regularyes
entrarto enter, go in, come inregularno
entregarto deliver, hand overirregularno
entretenerto entertain, amuseirregularno
entrevistarto interviewregularno
entusiasmarto excite; to fill with excitement [or enthusiasm]regularno
entusiasmarseto get excited, become excited [filled with excitement or enthusiasm]regularyes
envejecerto age, make old, grow old, get oldirregularno
envejecerseto get old, ageirregularyes
enviarto send, to post, to shipirregularno
equivocarto make a mistakeirregularno
errarto err, to miss, to wander, to mistakeregularno
escogerto pick, to choseregularno
esconderto hide, to conceal, to stashregularno
escribirto write, to spellregularno
escucharto listen to, hearregularno
esperarto wait, to hope, to expectregularno
esquiarto skiirregularno
establecerto establish, to set up, to formirregularno
estarto be (temporary), to stand, to be presentirregularno
estimarto estimate, to gaugeregularno
estudiarto study, to investigate, to look atregularno
evacuarto evacuateregularno
evitarto avoid, to prevent, to avertregularno
exhibirto exhibit, to show, to displayregularno
exigirto demand, to requireirregularno
explicarto explainirregularno
explorarto explore, to pioneerregularno
explotarto exploit, to exploderegularno
exponerto expose, to exhibitirregularno
exportarto exportregularno
expresarto express, to stateregularno
extenderto extend, to spreadirregularno
extinguirto extinguish, to put outregularno
fabricarto manufactureirregularno
faltarto lack, to failregularno
fascinarto fascinate, to allureregularno
felicitarto congratulateregularno
fijarto fix, to pin upregularno
fingirto fake, to feign, to pretendirregularno
firmarto signregularno
florecerto flourish, to bloomirregularno
formarto form, to shaperegularno
fortalecerto fortify, to strengthenirregularno
freírto fryirregularno
fumarto smokeregularno
funcionarto function, to workregularno
ganarto gain, to win, to earnregularno
gastarto spend, to expendregularno
generalizarto generalizeirregularno
glorificarto glorify, to praiseirregularno
gobernarto govern, to ruleirregularno
graduarto graduateirregularno
graduarseto graduateregularyes
gritarto shout, to yell, to scream, to cry outregularno
gruñirto snarl, to grunt, to growlregularno
guardarto guard, to watch over, to protect, to take care of, to pack away, to preserveregularno
guiarto guide, to leadirregularno
gustarto like, to loveregularno
hablarto speak, to talkregularno
hacerto do, makeirregularno
hallarto find, to discover, to locate, to find outregularno
hallarseto find oneselfregularyes
helarto freeze, to chill, to iceirregularno
heredarto inheritregularno
herirto injure, to hurt, to woundirregularno
hervirto boilirregularno
huirto flee, to escape, to run awayregularno
ilustrarto illustrate, to explainregularno
importarto importregularno
imprimirto printregularno
incluirto includeregularno
indicarto indicate, to show, to signalirregularno
inducirto induceirregularno
influirto influenceregularno
informarto inform, to reportregularno
iniciarto initiate, to startregularno
inmigrarto immigrateregularno
insistirto insistregularno
instalarto install, to set upregularno
insultarto insultregularno
intentarto try, to attempt, to intentregularno
interesarto interest, to appealregularno
interpretarto interpretregularno
introducirto introduceirregularno
invadirto invade, to encroachregularno
inventarto inventregularno
invertirto investirregularno
investigarto investigateirregularno
invitarto inviteregularno
invocarto invokeirregularno
irto go, to be (permanent)irregularno
irseto leave, to go awayirregularyes
jactarseto boast, bragregularyes
jugarto playirregularno
juntarto join, to put togetherregularno
juntarseto join, come together, gather together, meetregularyes
jurarto swearregularno
ladrarto barkregularno
lamentarto lament, regret, feel sorry aboutregularno
lanzarto throw, hurl, cast, flingirregularno
lastimarto hurt, injure, harm; to pity; to move to pityregularno
lavarto washregularno
lavarseto wash [oneself], to wash upregularyes
leerto readirregularno
legalizarto legalize, make lawfulirregularno
levantarto raise, to liftregularno
levantarseto get upregularyes
limpiarto cleanregularno
llamarto call, to nameregularno
llamarseto be called, be namedregularyes
llegarto arrive, come, reach; to bring up, bring over; to gather togetherirregularno
llenarto fill; to fulfillregularno
llevarto carry, bringregularno
llorarto cry, weep; to weep for/about, cry about, lamentregularno
lloverto rainirregularno
lograrto get, obtain; to achieve, attainregularno
lucharto fight, struggle; to wrestleregularno
madurarto mature; to ripenregularno
mandarto orderregularno
manejarto driveregularno
mantenerto maintain, getirregularno
maquillarto put make-up onregularno
maquillarseto put on make-up [on oneself]regularyes
marcarto mark, stamp, to show, indicate; to dial [e.g., a phone]irregularno
masticarto chewirregularno
matarto kill, slay, slaughterregularno
matricularto registerregularno
matricularseto register, enroll, matriculate [oneself]regularyes
medirto measure, beirregularno
mentirto lieirregularno
merecerto deserve, meritirregularno
merendarto have a[n afternoon] snack, have as a snackirregularno
meterto put [in], place, insertregularno
mezclarto mix, mix up, mix together, blend; to combine, merge, shuffleregularno
mirarto watch, look atregularno
modificarto modify, changeirregularno
molestarto bother, annoy, inconovenience, put out, upsetregularno
montarto mount, to get on, to rideregularno
morirto dieirregularno
mostrarto showirregularno
moverto moveirregularno
moverseto move [oneself]irregularyes
mudarto change, alter; to moveregularno
mudarseto move [=change residence]regularyes
nacerto be bornirregularno
nadarto swimregularno
navegarto navigate, sailirregularno
necesitarto need, requireregularno
negarto deny, refuseirregularno
negarseto refuseirregularyes
negociarto negotiateregularno
nevarto snowirregularno
notarto note, notice, observeregularno
obedecerto obeyirregularno
obligarto obligeirregularno
obtenerto obtain, getirregularno
ocurrirto occur, happenirregularno
odiarto hateregularno
ofenderto offendregularno
ofrecerto offerirregularno
oírto hearirregularno
olerto smellirregularno
olvidarto forgetregularno
olvidarseto forgetregularyes
oponerto pit [A against B], set up [A in opposition to B], play off [A against B]irregularno
oponerseto put on [clothing]; to put/place yourself; to turn/get/becomeirregularyes
organizarto organizeirregularno
padecerto sufferirregularno
pagarto pay, to pay forirregularno
pararto stop, to haltregularno
parecerto seem, appearirregularno
participarto participate, to take part in, to joinregularno
pasarto happen, to pass, to pass byregularno
patinarto skate, to rollerbladeregularno
pedirto request, to ask forirregularno
pegarto stick, to paste, to glueirregularno
peinarto combregularno
peinarseto comb one's hair, to do one's hairregularyes
pelearto fight, to quarrelregularno
pensarto thinkirregularno
perderto loseirregularno
perdonarto forgive, to pardon, to excuseregularno
permanecerto stay, to remainirregularno
permitirto permit, to allowregularno
perseguirto pursue, to chase, to go afterirregularno
pertenecerto belongirregularno
pesarto weigh, to weigh out, to scaleregularno
pescarto fishirregularno
picarto chop, to sting, to itchirregularno
pintarto paintregularno
plancharto iron, to pressregularno
plantarto plantregularno
platicarto chat, to talkirregularno
poderto be able, can, mayirregularno
ponerto put, to place, to setirregularno
ponerseto wear oneself, to put on selfirregularyes
practicarto practiceirregularno
predecirto predict, foretell, forecastirregularno
preferirto preferirregularno
preguntarto ask, to inquire, to questionregularno
preguntarseto wonder, to ask oneselfregularyes
prepararto prepare, to get readyregularno
prepararseto prepare oneself, to get oneself readyregularyes
presentarto present, to submit, to introduceregularno
presentirto presage, to forebodeirregularno
preservarto preserve, to protectregularno
preverto foresee, to anticipateirregularno
probarto taste, to test, to tryirregularno
producirto produceirregularno
prohibirto prohibit, to ban, to forbidregularno
prometerto promise, to pledge, to vowregularno
proponerto propose, to put forward, to come up withirregularno
proseguirto pursue, to carry onirregularno
protegerto protect, to safeguardregularno
protestarto protestregularno
provocarto provoke, to triggerirregularno
publicarto publishirregularno
purificarto purify, to purgeirregularno
quebrarto break out, to ruptureirregularno
quebrarseto break, smash, get brokenirregularyes
quedarto stay, to remain, to stick aroundregularno
quedarseto stay, to remain, to stick aroundregularyes
quejarseto complain, to moanregularyes
quemarto burn, to burn offregularno
quemarseto burn oneselfregularyes
quererto want, to loveirregularno
realizarto perform, to carry out, to realizeirregularno
rechazarto reject, to refuseirregularno
recibirto receiveregularno
reciclarto recycleregularno
recogerto pick up, to collectregularno
recomendarto recommend, to advise, to suggestirregularno
reconocerto recognizeirregularno
recordarto remember, to recallirregularno
reducirto reduce, to lower, to decreaseirregularno
regalarto give away, to give a presentregularno
regarto water, to irrigate, to sprayirregularno
regatearto bargain, to haggleregularno
regirto govern, to ruleirregularno
registrarto register, to check in, to sign inregularno
registrarseto register oneself, to check in oneself, to sign in onseselfregularyes
regresarto return, to go back, to come backregularno
regularto regulateregularno
rehusarto refuse, to decline, to denyregularno
reinarto reign, to ruleregularno
reírto laughirregularno
renacerto be reborn, to reviveirregularno
reñirto quarrel, to fight, to argue, to fall outirregularno
renovarto renew, to renovateirregularno
renunciarto give up, to renounce, to resignregularno
repararto repair, to make good, to undoregularno
repasarto review, to go over, to reviseregularno
repetirto repeat, to echo, to replayirregularno
replicarto replicate, to talk back, to answer backirregularno
reportarto reportregularno
requerirto require, to call for.irregularno
reservarto reserve, to book, to set asideregularno
resolverto solve, to resolve, to settleirregularno
respetarto respect, to honourregularno
respirarto breathe, to respireregularno
responderto respond, to answer, to replyregularno
resultarto turn out to be, to prove to beregularno
revelarto reveal, to disclose, to develop (film)regularno
rezarto prayirregularno
robarto rob, to steal, to burgle, to break intoregularno
rogarto plead, to beg, to ask forirregularno
romperto breakregularno
saberto knowirregularno
sacarto take out, stick outirregularno
sacrificarto sacrificeirregularno
sacudirto shake, beat, flapregularno
salirto leave, go outirregularno
saltarto jump, to leap, to jump over, to leap overregularno
saludarto greet, salute, hail, welcomeregularno
salvarto save, rescueregularno
satirizarto satirizeirregularno
satisfacerto satisfyirregularno
secarto dry, to dry up, to dry off, wipe dryirregularno
secarseto dry, to dry off, to dry upirregularyes
seguirto follow, continueirregularno
señalarto point out, point to, to indicateregularno
sentarto seat, to sitirregularno
sentarseto sit down, to seat oneselfirregularyes
sentirto feel, regretirregularno
sentirseto feelirregularyes
serto be (permanent)irregularno
servirto serveirregularno
significarto signify, meanirregularno
simbolizarto symbolize, represent, stand forirregularno
situarto place, put, situateirregularno
sobrevivirto survive, outlive, outlastregularno
solerto be accustomed to, be accustomed toirregularno
sonarto sound, to ringirregularno
soñarto dreamirregularno
sonreírto smileirregularno
soportarto support, hold up, bear; to put up with, tolerateregularno
sorprenderto surprise, take by surprise, startle, amazeregularno
subirto go up, rise, move up, climbregularno
sucederto happen, to succeedregularno
sufrirto sufferregularno
sugerirto suggestirregularno
suponerto supposeirregularno
surgirto arise, to emergeirregularno
suspirarto sighregularno
sustituirto substitute, to replaceregularno
tañerto play, to ring, toll, chimeregularno
taparto cover, to close, to plug, to capregularno
tardarto delay, to be slow, to lingerregularno
temerto fearregularno
tenerto haveirregularno
teñirto dye or colorirregularno
terminarto finish, endregularno
tirarto throw, hurl; to shoot, fire; to throw away; to pull [out]regularno
tocarto touch; to playirregularno
tomarto take, drinkregularno
torcerto twist, bend, warp, wring, sprainirregularno
toserto coughregularno
trabajarto workregularno
traducirto translateirregularno
traerto bring; to get, fetch; to carryirregularno
tragarto swallow, drink up, gulp down; to absorb, soak up; to put up withirregularno
tratarto treat, handleregularno
triunfarto triumph, winregularno
tropezarto trip, stumble, slip upirregularno
ubicarto place, locate; to be located, be situatedirregularno
unirto unite, to join, to tie together, to linkregularno
untarto anoint, to spreadregularno
usarto useregularno
utilizarto use, utilizeirregularno
vaciarto emptyregularno
valerto worth, to valueirregularno
variarto varyirregularno
vencerto conquer, to beat, to overcome, to defeatregularno
venderto sell, to marketregularno
venirto comeirregularno
verto seeirregularno
verificarto verify, to check, to inspectirregularno
vestirto dress, to wearirregularno
vestirseto get dressed, to dressirregularyes
viajarto travel, to journeyregularno
violarto violate, to rape, to abuse, to breakregularno
visitarto visit, to pay a visit, to come byregularno
vivirto live, to resideregularno
volarto flyirregularno
volverto return, to go back, to come back, to get backirregularno
vomitarto vomit, to throw upregularno
votarto voteregularno
yacerto lieirregularno
zambullirseto dive, plungeregularyes