Learn Spanish verbs

Learning Spanish verbs is the key to be able to master this language. Knowing the right verbs and being able to conjugate them will make you king of the language. And if you want to learn, you will need all the right tools to get you there as soon as possible. We have listed all the tips and tricks that we have to help you learn the Spanish verbs you need in no time.

The 20 essential Spanish verbs

In this case its quality, not quantity, that is key. Knowing the 20 most used verbs in Spanish will get you a long way in any situation. The 20 verbs we recommend learning first are these. Click on the link behind them to see their full conjugation chart.

Spanish verbConjugation chart
Ser – to be (permanent)Ser conjugation chart
Estar – to be (temporary)Estar conjugation chart
Hacer – to doHacer conjugation chart
Tener – to haveTener conjugation chart
Querer – to wantQuerer conjugation chart
Ir – to goIr conjugation chart
Venir – to comeVenir conjugation chart
Hablar – to speakHablar conjugation chart
Poner – to putPoder conjugation chart
Dar – to giveDar conjugation chart
Traer – to bringTraer conjugation chart
Tocar – to touchTocar conjugation chart
Poder – to be able toPoder conjugation chart
Buscar – to searchBuscar conjugation chart
Salir – to go outSalir conjugation chart
Trabajar – to workTrabajar conjugation chart
Vivir – to liveVivir conjugation chart
Dormir – to sleepDormir conjugation chart
Comer – to eatComer conjugation chart
Beber – to drinkBeber conjugation chart
Learn Spanish verbs

Find a full list of all Spanish verbs here. Easily search and filter them all.

Poster with Most used Spanish verbs

Looking for an overview of the Spanish most used verbs? Check out this PDF and poster with the most common conjugations. Perfect to learn the present tense. Its a great visual reminder to keep learning as you go.

25 most used Spanish verbs

3 Apps to learn verbs

Being able to speak fluently is where speed comes in. The only way to be able to conjugate fluently is to practice. Here are 3 apps we recommend to use to practice the conjugations.

Ella verbs – Great for just pure conjugation practice. This app is like a conjugation drill. Simple interface to practice all regular / irregular verbs in all the different tenses.

Busuu – Great app to learn Spanish in general, but it will also take you through the different Spanish tenses step by step according to the level you have acquired.

ConjuGato – Another app to drill these conjugations into your system. This free app is great to practice with speed. However, it doesn’t actually make you type in the right answer. You simply tap to reveal the right one.

Master Spanish conjugations

If you are already at an advanced level we recommend you to get these conjugation posters. It contains a blueprint to conjugation endings for all regular verb, but also a poster / PDF for the most common Spanish tenses.

best way for you to learn verbs?

The first thing you need to know is that you need to find your learning style. This section discusses the different learning styles and how they can be useful in the classroom. Are you a visual learning or an audio learner? See if you recognize yourself in one of the two type of learners:

Visual learners are those that need to see something in order to understand it. This method of learning is often used in lectures and presentations because it allows for a clear way of presenting information.

Audio sensitive learners are those who need to hear things in order to process them, for this reason, audio is often used as a way to help them grasp concepts.

The other important thing about how to learn a language fast is to stay consistent. In order to achieve that, you need to figure out what method is the best for you.

There are many methods available on how to learn a language fast. It must be noted, however, that it’s not possible for everyone to excel with every one of them. So it’s important that you find a method or a course which suits your needs and your schedule as well as your learning style.

Some people find it difficult to stay motivated and disciplined when they are trying to learn a language on their own. There are various ways in which they can keep themselves motivated and try some of them out:

  • Start with learning something new each day
  • Write down the things
  • Set a goal for yourself
  • Find a buddy to it with you
  • Get a teacher

Get a teacher

The best way to learn a language as an adult is to take lessons from a qualified teacher. This will give you the benefit of having someone there to guide your learning process and can ensure that you are going about it in the right way. It will also save you time and money by focusing on things that are most important for a beginner rather than wasting time on things that aren’t relevant for now. Learning from a teacher also forces you to practice what you have learned, which helps with retention and understanding of what you have learned.

The best teachers are those who teach what they speak themselves, as this will give them more experience with the language and make them more qualified for teaching it. They will also be able to relate better. A teacher in general will keep you motivated longer and usually is full of tricks on how to improve your language skill.

Crash course: 5 day spanish verb challenge

Interested in getting a crash course to learn Spanish verbs? There is a 5 day Spanish verb challenge available where you can basically can teach yourself to talk in the present, future and past tense in just a matter of day. It is a course of short cuts and cheats, however it will get you talking. It will take you about 2 hours a day to learn. However well worth it considering that you will learn Spanish verbs in just a matter of 5 days.