How to spell in Spanish

When you are learning Spanish being able to spell is a very useful skill. Especially to be able to book appointments over the phone or to apply for something. How about we dive into how to spell in Spanish and make sure you able to nail it the next time you are in one of these situations?

How do you spell Spanish?

Spelling in any language is often according to a certain rule. The Dutch spell according to first names.

Spelling in Spanish is often done by naming a city or a country that begins with the letter.

Let’s take a look at the way to spell in Spanish according to the alphabet:

spanish alphabet words:

Aade Alicante
Bbede Barcelona
Ccede Colombia / Catalonia
Ddede Dinamarca
Eede Ecuador
Fefede Francia
Ggede Guatemala / Granada
Hhachede Huelva
Iide Italia
Jjotade Jacarta
Kkade Kilo
Lelede Lima
Memede Madrid / México
Nenede Nicaragua / Navarra
Ñeñede España
Oode Oslo
Ppede Portugal / Paraguay
Qcude Quebec
Rerede Roma
Sesede Sevilla / Santiago
Ttede Tarragonna, Toledo
Uude Uruguay
Vvede Venezuela / Valencia
Wdoble vede Washington
Xequisde Xalapa
Yi griegade Yugoslavia
Zzetade Zaragoza

Hopefully you can put this table to good use the next time you need to spell in Spanish!

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Now, let’s answer the most searched phrases on the internet:

How to spell good in Spanish

Bueno is the Spanish word for good. Let’s go ahead and spell it:

Be de Barcelona, U de Uruguay, E de Ecuador, Ene de Nicaragua, O de Oslo

How to spell tomorrow in Spanish

The word in Spanish for tomorrow is mañana. You could spell it in the following way:

Eme de Madrid, A de Alicante, Eñe de España, A de Alicante, Ene de Nicaragua, A de Alicante

How do you spell two in Spanish

Dos is the word for two in Spanish. Let’s spell it:

De de Dinamarco, O de Oslo, Ese de Sevilla

How do you spell four in Spanish

Four in Spanish is cuatro. This is how you would spell it;

Ce de Colombia, U de Uruguay, A de Alicante, Te de Toledo, Ere de Roma, O de Oslo.

How do you spell six in Spanish

Six in Spanish is Seis. This is how you could spell it:

Ese de Santiago, E de Ecuador, I de Italia, Ese de Santiago.

How do you spell family in Spanish

The Spanish word for family is familia. Let’s spell:

Efe de Francia, A de Alicante, Eme de Madrid, I de Italia, Ele de Lima, A de Alicante.

How to spell jesus in Spanish

The Spanish word for Jesus is Jesus. This is how you would spell it:

Jota de Jacarta, E de Ecuador, Ese de Santiago, U de Uruguay, Ese de Santiago.

How do you spell hola in Spanish

The four letter word Hola is spelled in the following way:

Hache de Huelva, O de Oslo, Ele de Lima, A de Alicante.

Practice spelling

Now it is time to put your new spelling skills to the test.

Try to spell the following three things:

  • Your name
  • Your place of birth
  • Your e-mailaddress

Now think of 10 words that are on the top of your head and try to spell them according to the table above, or try to think of words that make more sense to associate with a word. Good luck!