Best & cutest nicknames in Spanish

Nicknames are a way of referring to other people in an informal way but at the same time reflect some characteristics of them. In the English vocabulary, there are several cute Nicknames that we can use to call a person, whether it is our partner, a friend, or even co-workers. However, in the Spanish vocabulary, there is a long list of cute Nicknames that people use to refer to each other. You will notice that most of the Spanish nicknames are also used in the English language.

Below we want to introduce you to some of the cute Nicknames that couples use in Spanish, and also those used to refer to our friends, as well as the 5 most commonly used cute Nicknames in Spanish. But before we start listing these Nicknames, it is good to know the essence behind the Nicknames.

For most people who speak Spanish, it is very simple and natural to give a person a nickname. In most cases, they come naturally and tend to stay that way for a lifetime. However, it is good to know that cute Nicknames are about calling that person in a way that makes them feel special and valued. Couples who speak the Spanish language, it is very common to call their partner in different ways; My Love (Mi Amor), My Beauty (Mi Bella), Darling (Querida), Sweetheart (Cariño), My Life (Mi Vida), Angel (Ángel), etc.

Best nicknames for Boyfriend

Nicknames like Honey, Sweetheart, and Love are usually the most common among boyfriends and girlfriends, but in Spanish, you can be very creative when choosing a cute boyfriend nickname that is just for that special guy. But now, what would be a nice nickname for your boy?

The nickname Love or My Love can vary in many ways in Spanish, it can mean “Mi Amor“, which would be its exact translation, but when it comes to Nicknames for boyfriends it can mean “Cariño“, “Querido“, “Amore“, and even “More“, which is an abbreviation of Amore. All these are Spanish Nicknames that can be characterized in different ways, but many of them will be a nice Spanish nickname for a couple.

These can be other cute Spanish Nicknames for boyfriends:

  • Príncipe (Prince).
  • Cielo (Heaven).
  • Ladrón de Corazones (Thief of hearts).
  • Galán (Slick).
  • Guapo (Handsome).
  • Rey (King).
  • Macho (Male).
  • Media naranja (other half)
cute nicknames in Spanish

Cutest nicknames for Girlfriend

For your girlfriend, it is very important that you choose one or several nice Nicknames that will surprise her and make her feel in love every day of her life. In the Spanish vocabulary, there is a huge list of cute Nicknames for girls that you can choose to keep the romance and love you feel for her.

For girlfriends the same rule applies as the nickname Love or My Love, this can have different meanings in Spanish. But if you haven’t yet chosen the right and perfect nickname for your girlfriend, here is a great list of cute Nicknames in Spanish that you can use to make her feel like she deserves; special and unique.

  • Bella (Beauty).
  • Bombón (Bonbon).
  • Flor/Florecita (Flower/Little Flower).
  • Hermosura (Lovely).
  • Miel (Honey).
  • Preciosa (Bonny).
  • Reina (Queen).
  • Princesa (Princess).
  • Querida (Darling).

Awesome nicknames for Friends

Among friends, it is also very common to use Nicknames to communicate with each other. In Spanish many people refer to each other with different Nicknames to feel unique and special. In fact, in many communities, people tend to call each other by their Nicknames rather than their real names. There are even people who get to know each other by their Nicknames and don’t discover their real name until after years of friendship.

However, Nicknames between friends often arise after long years of friendship or a great deal of trust between the different parties. There are friends who may use cute Nicknames to call each other, but there are also others who may seem offensive, when in fact it is something fun that only those involved understand. But whatever the case, you can choose any nickname to call a friend, although if you want a nice one, then you can use one of the following.

  • Hermano (Brother).
  • Bebé (Baby).
  • Bicho (Bug).
  • Flaquito (Skinny).
  • Gordito (Chubby).
  • Largo (Large).
  • Bichín (Ant).
  • Muñeca/Muñeco (Doll).
  • Loquis (Crazy).
  • Barbón (Beardman).
  • Rubia (Blonde).
  • Amiguis (Bestie).
  • Gatita (Little Cat).
  • Cosita (Little Thing).
  • Melosa (Honeyed).
  • Estrella (Star).
  • Perla (Pearl).

Nicknames for friends in Spanish can be endless. Most friends tend to give themselves Nicknames that identify some characteristics of them. Any attitude, particularity, physical trait, or condition can become a cute nickname for friends in Spanish.

Great Spanish nicknames for kids

Obviously we have cool nicknames for the little ones as well. See a few of the most commonly used nicknames for kids underneath.

  • Nene / Nena (little boy / little girl)
  • Cariño (sweetheart)
  • Peque (little one)
  • Chiquito / Chiquita (little one)

Top 5 – Most Used Cute Nicknames in Spanish

Finally, we have identified 5 of the most beautiful Nicknames used in Spanish, both in couples and friends. Some of these may have very different meanings in English, but they really make anyone feel special, important, and unique. In this Top 5 Most Used Cute Nicknames in Spanish, we have the following:

In Spanish, many people use this nickname to call each other, whether they are couples or friends. Even in the English language, it can be common to hear this cute nickname.

Mi Amor
Although its exact translation into Spanish is “Mi Amor”, people in the Spanish community usually interpret this word with a lot of meanings.

Although in English this nickname clearly refers to a person’s parents, in Spanish it can be used to refer between couples and even between friends. However, the nickname Mami or Papi is often used as a cute and bold nickname.

The most used nickname in Spain! Many people usually translate the word “Cariño” as My Love, but it is also translated as Honey or Sweetheart. This cute Spanish nickname is also used between couples and friends.

Baby is also one of the most beautiful Nicknames used in Spanish, and not just for babies. Saying bebé, nené, or nena to someone is very common in Spanish, and people are really excited when they hear it.

Nicknames in public

There are Nicknames that can be very cute and cuddly, but to avoid any discomfort or inconvenience, it is best to avoid using them in public. In the case of couples, it is better to keep their Nicknames in their intimacy, as this could cause embarrassment if they were to be used in public. On the other hand, friends may enjoy calling each other by their Nicknames in different places, but it is important to be prudent and to see your surroundings before using them.