car gar zar verbs

In Spanish language there are 80 verbs that end in –car, –gar or –zar. Find the full list of car gar zar verbs underneath. Easily search and filter them. Find the English translation behind the verb. All verbs are irregular. Click on the verb to see their full conjugation chart.

All car gar zar verbs

Spanish verbEnglish translation
abrazarto hug, embrace
acercarto bring near, to move something nearer
ahorcarto hang
alcanzarto reach, to catch
almorzarto lunch, to eat lunch, to have lunch
amenazarto threaten, to menace
apagarto put out, to turn off
aplicarto apply
atacarto attack, to strike
avanzarto advance, to move along
bautizarto baptize, to christen
buscarto search, to search for, to look for
caracterizarto characterize
cargarto load, to charge
castigarto punish, to penalize
cazarto hunt, to chase, to get, to go after
chocarTo hit, to collide, to crash
civilizarto civilize
clarificarto clarify, to illuminate
clasificarto classify, to sort out
colgarto hang up, to hang
colocarto place, to put, to position
colonizarto colonize, to settle, to pioneer
comenzarto begin, to start
comunicarto communicate, to inform, to report
confiscarto confiscate
conjugarto conjugate
criticarto criticize
crucificarto crucify
cruzarto cross
dedicarto dedicate
educarto educate, to bring up
empezarto begin, to start
entregarto deliver, to give
equivocarto make a mistake
explicarto explain
fabricarto manufacture
generalizarto generalize
glorificarto glorify, to praise
indicarto indicate, to show, to signal
investigarto investigate
invocarto invoke
jugarto play
lanzarto throw, to launch
legalizarto legalize, to probate
llegarto reach, to arrive, to get, to come, to get in
marcarto mark, to dial
masticarto chew, to masticate
modificarto modify, to change, to alter
navegarto navigate, to sail, to surf, to cruise
negarto deny, to refuse
obligarto oblige, to force
organizarto organize
pagarto pay, to pay for
pegarto stick, to paste, to glue
pescarto fish
picarto chop, to sting, to itch
platicarto chat, to talk
practicarto practice
provocarto provoke, to trigger
publicarto publish
purificarto purify, to purge
realizarto perform, to carry out, to realize
rechazarto reject, to refuse
regarto water, to irrigate, to spray
replicarto replicate, to talk back, to answer back
rezarto pray
rogarto plead, to beg, to ask for
sacarto take out, stick out
sacrificarto sacrifice
satirizarto satirize
secarto dry, to dry up, to dry off, wipe dry
significarto signify, mean
simbolizarto symbolize, represent, stand for
tocarto touch; to play
tragarto swallow, drink up, gulp down; to absorb, soak up; to put up with
tropezarto trip, stumble, slip up
ubicarto place, locate; to be located, be situated
utilizarto use, utilize
verificarto verify, to check, to inspect
All car gar zar verbs