All regular Spanish verbs

In total there are 362 regular verbs in the Spanish language. That is very good news, because it means that about 2/3rd of all Spanish verbs conjugation in the exact same way! Take a look at our Verb Conjugation blue print to see how every single one of these 362 is being conjugation in 8 different tenses. Be fluent in no time!

Find the full list of all regular verbs underneath. Search, filter, scroll and find all the verbs you are looking for. Including English translation of the Spanish verbs. Click on the verb if you want to see it’s full conjugation chart.

abandonarto leave, abandon, give up, quit, drop out
abordarto approach, board
abortarto abort, cause to miscarry; to have a miscarriage
aburrirto bore; to tire, weary
aburrirseto get bored, become bored, be bored
abusarto go too far, take advantage
acabarto finish, to end
acamparto camp, to go camping
aceptarto accept, to approve
acercarseto approach
acompañarto accompany, to go with
aconsejarto advise
acortarto shorten
acostumbrarto be accustomed to, to get used to
acostumbrarseto get used to, get accustomed to
adivinarto guess, to fortell
admirarto admire, to respect, to look up to
admitirto admit, to accept
adorarto adore, to worship
adornarto adorn, to decorate
afeitarto shave
afeitarseto shave oneself
afirmarto affirm, to say
agradarto please, to be pleasing
aguantarto endure
ahorrarto save
alegrarto make happy, to cheer up, gladden
alegrarseto be glad, to rejoice
aliviarto relieve, to alleviate
alquilarto rent, to hire, to hire out
amarto love
añadirto add, to append
anhelarto long, to yearn for
anunciarto announce
aplaudirto applaud, to cheer, to clap
apoyarto support, to hold up
apreciarto appreciate, to value
aprenderto learn
arreglarto arrange, to settle, to fix
arrojarto throw, to cast,
asistirto assist, to attend
asociarto associate, to pool, to put together
aspirarto breath in, to inhale
asustarto frighten, to scare, to startle
asustarseto be frightened oneself
atreverseto dare, to venture, to hazard
aumentarto increase, to enhance, to boost
averiguarto find out, to inquire
avisarto warn, to alert, to notify
ayudarto help
bailarto dance
bajarto lower, to go down, to descend
bañarto bath, to bathe
bañarseto bathe oneself
barrerto sweep, to sweep away, to sweep out
batirto shake, to beat up, to hammer, to whip up
beberto drink
besarto kiss, to peck
bordarto embroider
borrarto delete, to erase
brillarto shine, to sparkle, to glow
brindarto make a toast, to offer
broncearseto get a tan, to tan
bucearto skin-dive; to dive under water; to dive
burlarto outwit, to outsmart, to
burlarseto make fun, to scoff
calcularto calculate
callarto keep quiet about, to silence
callarseto shut up, to keep quite
calmarto calm down, to soothe
calmarseto calm down yourself
caminarto walk, to go
cancelarto cancel
cansarto tire, to tire out, to wear out
cansarseto get tired, to get worn out,
casarto marry
casarseto get married
causarto cause, to create
celebrarto celebrate
cenarto eat supper, have supper, to eat dinner
censurarto censor, to censure
cepillarto brush
cesarto cease, to stop
charlarto chat, to talk, to chatter
chismearto gossip
cobrarto charge (a price), to cash (a check), to collect, receive (an amount)
cocinarto cook
cogerto take, to catch, to get
combatirto combat, to fight
comerto eat
compartirto share
comprarto buy, to purchase
comprenderto understand
condenarto condemn, to convict, to sentence
confirmarto confirm, to support, to uphold
conquistarto conquer, to gain, to take
conservarto preserve, to conserve, to keep, retain
consistirto consist, to be composed
constituirto constitute
construirto build, to construct
consumirto consume, to eat
contaminarto contaminate, to pollute, to corrupt
contestarto answer
contribuirto contribute
controlarto control, to inspect, to check
convencerto convince
conversarto talk, to conversate
convidarto invite
copiarto copy
correrto run
cortarto cut
coserto sew, to sew up, to stitch, to stitch up
crearto create, to make
cubrirto cover
cuidarto take care of, look after
culparto blame, to accuse, to condemn
cultivarto cultivate, to grow
cumplirto fulfil, carry out, to reach
curarto cure, to treat
deberto owe, must, should
decidirto decide, settle, resolve
decidirseto decide
declararto declare, to state, to bid
decorarto decorate, adorn
dedicarseto devote oneself
dejarto leave
dependerto depend
depositarto deposit, to place
deprimirto depress, to get down
desagradarto displease
desarrollarto develop, to expand
desarrollarseto develop oneself, to grow
desayunarto eat breakfast, to have breakfast
descansarto rest, to take a rest
describirto describe
descubrirto discover, to find out
desearto desire, to want, to wish
destruirto destroy
detestarto detest, to hate
devorarto devour, to eat
dibujarto draw, to design
diseñarto design
disfrutarto enjoy
disgustarto displease, to be displeasing
disminuirto diminish
distinguirto distinguish, to make out
distribuirto distribute, to hand out, to send out, to give out
divorciarto divorce
divorciarseto get divorced
doblarto bend, to double, to fold, to turn
ducharto shower
ducharseto take a shower
dudarto doubt
durarto last, to endure
echarto throw, to cast
echarseto lie, to lean, to throw
ejercerto exercise, to exert, to practice
eliminarto eliminate, to remove, to get rid of
emborracharto get druk
emborracharseto get drunk, to become drunk
emigrarto emigrate, to migrate
emplearto employ, to hire, to use
enamorarto fall in love
enamorarseto fall in love, to fall for
encantarto love, to delight, to enchant
enfadarto anger, to irritate, to annoy
enfadarseto get angry, to get irritated, to get annoyed
enfermarto get sick, to sicken, to fall ill
enfermarseto get sick, to become ill, to fall ill. become sick
engañarto deceive, to cheat, to trick
enojarto anger, to annoy
enojarseto get angry, to lose one's temper
enseñarto teach, to instruct
ensuciarto dirty, to mess, to soil
enterarseto find out, to get to know
entrarto enter, to get in
entrevistarto interview
entusiasmarto enthuse
entusiasmarseto get excited, to become excited
errarto err, to miss, to wander, to mistake
escogerto pick, to chose
esconderto hide, to conceal, to stash
escribirto write, to spell
escucharto listen to, hear
esperarto wait, to hope, to expect
estimarto estimate, to gauge
estudiarto study, to investigate, to look at
evacuarto evacuate
evitarto avoid, to prevent, to avert
exhibirto exhibit, to show, to display
explorarto explore, to pioneer
explotarto exploit, to explode
exportarto export
expresarto express, to state
extinguirto extinguish, to put out
faltarto lack, to fail
fascinarto fascinate, to allure
felicitarto congratulate
fijarto fix, to pin up
firmarto sign
formarto form, to shape
fumarto smoke
funcionarto function, to work
ganarto gain, to win, to earn
gastarto spend, to expend
graduarseto graduate
gritarto shout, to yell, to scream, to cry out
gruñirto snarl, to grunt, to growl
guardarto guard, to watch over, to protect, to take care of, to pack away, to preserve
gustarto like, to love
hablarto speak, to talk
hallarto find, to discover, to locate, to find out
hallarseto find oneself
heredarto inherit
huirto flee, to escape, to run away
ilustrarto illustrate, to explain
importarto import
imprimirto print
incluirto include
influirto influence
informarto inform, to report
iniciarto initiate, to start
inmigrarto immigrate
insistirto insist
instalarto install, to set up
insultarto insult
intentarto try, to attempt, to intent
interesarto interest, to appeal
interpretarto interpret
invadirto invade, to encroach
inventarto invent
invitarto invite
jactarseto boast, brag
juntarto join, to put together
juntarseto get together, to join
jurarto swear, to ledge
ladrarto bark
lamentarto regret, to mourn
lastimarto hurt, to injure
lavarto wash
lavarseto wash oneself, to wash up
levantarto raise, to lift up
levantarseto get up
limpiarto clean
llamarto call, to name
llamarseto be called, to be named
llenarto fill, to fill out
llevarto carry, to take, to bring
llorarto cry, to weep, to mourn
lograrto achieve, to attain, to get
lucharto fight, struggle
madurarto mature, to ripen
mandarto send, to order, to command
manejarto handle, to manage
maquillarto put make-up on
maquillarseto put on make-up someone
matarto kill, to slay, to murder
matricularto register
matricularseto enroll, to register, to matriculate, to enter
meterto put, to insert
mezclarto mix, to blend, to mingle
mirarto watch, to look at, to see
molestarto bother, to disturb, to annoy, to molest
montarto ride, to mount, to assemble
mudarto change, to alter, to move
mudarseto move house
nadarto swim
necesitarto need, to require
negociarto negotiate
notarto note, to notice, to observe, to remark
odiarto hate
ofenderto offend, to insult
olvidarto forget, to neglect
olvidarseto forget, to blow over
pararto stop, to halt
participarto participate, to take part in, to join
pasarto happen, to pass, to pass by
patinarto skate, to rollerblade
peinarto comb
peinarseto comb one's hair, to do one's hair
pelearto fight, to quarrel
perdonarto forgive, to pardon, to excuse
permitirto permit, to allow
pesarto weigh, to weigh out, to scale
pintarto paint
plancharto iron, to press
plantarto plant
preguntarto ask, to inquire, to question
preguntarseto wonder, to ask oneself
prepararto prepare, to get ready
prepararseto prepare oneself, to get oneself ready
presentarto present, to submit, to introduce
preservarto preserve, to protect
prohibirto prohibit, to ban, to forbid
prometerto promise, to pledge, to vow
protegerto protect, to safeguard
protestarto protest
quedarto stay, to remain, to stick around
quedarseto stay, to remain, to stick around
quejarseto complain, to moan
quemarto burn, to burn off
quemarseto burn oneself
recibirto receive
reciclarto recycle
recogerto pick up, to collect
regalarto give away, to give a present
regatearto bargain, to haggle
registrarto register, to check in, to sign in
registrarseto register oneself, to check in oneself, to sign in onseself
regresarto return, to go back, to come back
regularto regulate
rehusarto refuse, to decline, to deny
reinarto reign, to rule
renunciarto give up, to renounce, to resign
repararto repair, to make good, to undo
repasarto review, to go over, to revise
reportarto report
reservarto reserve, to book, to set aside
respetarto respect, to honour
respirarto breathe, to respire
responderto respond, to answer, to reply
resultarto turn out to be, to prove to be
revelarto reveal, to disclose, to develop (film)
robarto rob, to steal, to burgle, to break into
romperto break
sacudirto shake, beat, flap
saltarto jump, to leap, to jump over, to leap over
saludarto greet, salute, hail, welcome
salvarto save, rescue
señalarto point out, point to, to indicate
sobrevivirto survive, outlive, outlast
soportarto support, hold up, bear; to put up with, tolerate
sorprenderto surprise, take by surprise, startle, amaze
subirto go up, rise, move up, climb
sucederto happen, to succeed
sufrirto suffer
suspirarto sigh
sustituirto substitute, to replace
tañerto play, to ring, toll, chime
taparto cover, to close, to plug, to cap
tardarto delay, to be slow, to linger
temerto fear
terminarto finish, end
tirarto throw, hurl; to shoot, fire; to throw away; to pull [out]
tomarto take, drink
toserto cough
trabajarto work
tratarto treat, handle
triunfarto triumph, win
unirto unite, to join, to tie together, to link
untarto anoint, to spread
usarto use
vaciarto empty
vencerto conquer, to beat, to overcome, to defeat
venderto sell, to market
viajarto travel, to journey
violarto violate, to rape, to abuse, to break
visitarto visit, to pay a visit, to come by
vivirto live, to reside
vomitarto vomit, to throw up
votarto vote
zambullirseto dive, plunge