All irregular Spanish verbs

In total there are over 270 irregular verbs in the Spanish language. Which means just over 1/3rd of all Spanish verbs are irregular.

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abrazarto hug, embrace
abrirto open
acercarto bring near, to move something nearer
acontecerto happen, to occur
acordarto decide, to resolve, to agree on
acordarseto remember
acostarto put to bed, to lay down
acostarseto go to bed, to lie down
actuarto act, perform, actuate, operate
advertirto notice, to observe
afligirto afflict, to grieve, to pain, to distress
agorarto predict, to bode
agradecerto be thankful for
ahorcarto hang
alcanzarto reach, to catch
alentarto encourage
almorzarto lunch, to eat lunch, to have lunch
amanecerto dawn
amenazarto threaten, to menace
andarto walk, to go
apagarto put out, to turn off
aparecerto appear
aplicarto apply
apostarto bet, to wager
apretarto tight, to press, to squeeze
aprobarto pass, to approve
arrepentirseto regret, to be sorry
atacarto attack, to strike
atenderto attend to, to pay attention to
atraerto attract, to lure, to appeal
atravesarto cross, to cross over
avanzarto advance, to move along
bautizarto baptize, to christen
bendecirto bless
buscarto search, to search for, to look for
caberto fit
caerto fall out, to drop
calentarto heat up, warm up
calentarseto get warm
caracterizarto characterize
cargarto load, to charge
castigarto punish, to penalize
cazarto hunt, to chase, to get, to go after
cerrarto close, to shut, to shut down
chocarTo hit, to collide, to crash
civilizarto civilize
clarificarto clarify, to illuminate
clasificarto classify, to sort out
colgarto hang up, to hang
colocarto place, to put, to position
colonizarto colonize, to settle, to pioneer
comenzarto begin, to start
competirto compete
componerto compose, to make up, to put together
comunicarto communicate, to inform, to report
comunicarseto communicate
conducirto drive, to lead, to conduct
confesarto confess, to admit
confiarto trust, be rely
confiscarto confiscate
conjugarto conjugate
conocerto know, to meet
conseguirto get, to obtain
consentirto consent to, to allow
contarto count
contenerto contain, to hold
continuarto continue
convenirto agree, to suit
convertirto convert
corregirto correct
costarto cost
crecerto grow
creerto believe
criarto raise
criarseto grow, to be brought up
criticarto criticize
crucificarto crucify
cruzarto cross
darto give
decirto say, to tell
dedicarto dedicate
defenderto defend
demostrarto demonstrate, to show
derretirto melt, to thaw
desagradecerto be unthankful for, to be ingrate
desaparecerto disappear
descenderto descend, to lower
deshacerto undo, to break, to ruin
despedirto dismiss, to sack, to discharge
despertarto wake, to awaken
despertarseto wake up, to lie down
detenerto stop, to halt, to arrest
detenerseto stop, to pause, to rest
devolverto return, to restore, to give back
dirigirto direct
divertirto amuse, to entertain
divertirseto have fun, to have a good time, to enjoy oneself
dolerto hurt, to ache
dormirto sleep
dormirseto go to sleep, to fall asleep
educarto educate, to bring up
efectuarto effect, to carry out, to make
elegirto elect, to chose
empezarto begin, to start
encenderto turn on, to ignite
encontrarto find, to meet, to encounter
enflaquecerto thin
enflaquecerseto get thin, to lose weight, to grow weak
enriquecerto enrich, to make rich
enriquecerseto get rich
entenderto understand, to realize
entregarto deliver, to give
entretenerto entertain, to amuse
envejecerto age, to get old
envejecerseto get old, to age
enviarto send, to post, to ship
equivocarto make a mistake
esquiarto ski
establecerto establish, to set up, to form
estarto be (temporary), to stand, to be present
exigirto demand, to require
explicarto explain
exponerto expose, to exhibit
extenderto extend, to spread
fabricarto manufacture
fingirto fake, to feign, to pretend
florecerto flourish, to bloom
fortalecerto fortify, to strengthen
freírto fry
generalizarto generalize
glorificarto glorify, to praise
gobernarto govern, to rule
graduarto graduate
guiarto guide, to lead
hacerto do, make
helarto freeze, to chill, to ice
herirto injure, to hurt, to wound
hervirto boil
indicarto indicate, to show, to signal
inducirto induce
introducirto introduce
invertirto invest
investigarto investigate
invocarto invoke
irto go, to be (permanent)
irseto leave, to go away
jugarto play
lanzarto throw, to launch
leerto read
legalizarto legalize, to probate
llegarto reach, to arrive, to get, to come, to get in
lloverto rain
mantenerto maintain, to keep
marcarto mark, to dial
masticarto chew, to masticate
medirto measure, to gauge
mentirto lie, to tell a lie
merecerto deserve, to merit,
merendarto snack, to have tea
modificarto modify, to change, to alter
morirto die, to kill
mostrarto show, to display, to exhibit
moverto move, to shift, to shake
moverseto move, to travel, to stir
nacerto be born
navegarto navigate, to sail, to surf, to cruise
negarto deny, to refuse
negarseto refuse
nevarto snow
obedecerto obey, to take orders
obligarto oblige, to force
obtenerto obtain, to get
ocurrirto occur, to happen, to take place
ofrecerto offer, to give
oírto hear, to listen, to overhear
olerto smell, to sniff
oponerto oppose
oponerseto stand against, to object
organizarto organize
padecerto suffer
pagarto pay, to pay for
parecerto seem, appear
pedirto request, to ask for
pegarto stick, to paste, to glue
pensarto think
perderto lose
permanecerto stay, to remain
perseguirto pursue, to chase, to go after
pertenecerto belong
pescarto fish
picarto chop, to sting, to itch
platicarto chat, to talk
poderto be able, can, may
ponerto put, to place, to set
ponerseto wear oneself, to put on self
practicarto practice
predecirto predict, foretell, forecast
preferirto prefer
presentirto presage, to forebode
preverto foresee, to anticipate
probarto taste, to test, to try
producirto produce
proponerto propose, to put forward, to come up with
proseguirto pursue, to carry on
provocarto provoke, to trigger
publicarto publish
purificarto purify, to purge
quebrarto break out, to rupture
quebrarseto break, smash, get broken
quererto want, to love
realizarto perform, to carry out, to realize
rechazarto reject, to refuse
recomendarto recommend, to advise, to suggest
reconocerto recognize
recordarto remember, to recall
reducirto reduce, to lower, to decrease
regarto water, to irrigate, to spray
regirto govern, to rule
reírto laugh
renacerto be reborn, to revive
reñirto quarrel, to fight, to argue, to fall out
renovarto renew, to renovate
repetirto repeat, to echo, to replay
replicarto replicate, to talk back, to answer back
requerirto require, to call for.
resolverto solve, to resolve, to settle
rezarto pray
rogarto plead, to beg, to ask for
saberto know
sacarto take out, stick out
sacrificarto sacrifice
salirto leave, go out
satirizarto satirize
satisfacerto satisfy
secarto dry, to dry up, to dry off, wipe dry
secarseto dry, to dry off, to dry up
seguirto follow, continue
sentarto seat, to sit
sentarseto sit down, to seat oneself
sentirto feel, regret
sentirseto feel
serto be (permanent)
servirto serve
significarto signify, mean
simbolizarto symbolize, represent, stand for
situarto place, put, situate
solerto be accustomed to, be accustomed to
sonarto sound, to ring
soñarto dream
sonreírto smile
sugerirto suggest
suponerto suppose
surgirto arise, to emerge
tenerto have
teñirto dye or color
tocarto touch; to play
torcerto twist, bend, warp, wring, sprain
traducirto translate
traerto bring; to get, fetch; to carry
tragarto swallow, drink up, gulp down; to absorb, soak up; to put up with
tropezarto trip, stumble, slip up
ubicarto place, locate; to be located, be situated
utilizarto use, utilize
valerto worth, to value
variarto vary
venirto come
verto see
verificarto verify, to check, to inspect
vestirto dress, to wear
vestirseto get dressed, to dress
volarto fly
volverto return, to go back, to come back, to get back
yacerto lie