Verbs are the foundation of a language.

Master the 25 most used Spanish verbs
and learn to conjugate them in their present, future and past tense
with simple tricks in just 5 days.


Challenge includes:

  5 lessons – 1 lesson each day
  Quizzes and tests
  Printable Spanish conjugation blue print

After 5 days you will be able to speak in the present, future and past tense in Spanish using the 25 most used Spanish verbs.

"Just what I needed to get a rapid start to learn Spanish. The course gives me a clear overview of how to conjugate. I got it all into my head and was then able to have any regular conversation in Spanish."

"It was actually true! Great tricks to learn the basic tenses I needed to start speaking Spanish. Try it if you are struggling."

"Was learning for a while with the well known apps like Duolingo and Busu, but the 5 day Spanish verb challenge just gave me the visuals and know how to conjugate fast."

"Learn your conjugations! it is the basics of all language learning. This course gives you the shortcut. Can definitely recommend it to anybody who would like the learn Spanish."

Speak fluent Spanish in 5 days